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Top biking websites

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Having recently announced my triumphant return to the upper echelons of free agentry (ie. software company I was working for just exploded and I'm out of a job :) ) I've found myself with plenty of web surfing time on my hands.

    Here's a few great sites I've stumbled across with plenty of good reading. They're no Netrider, of course, but they can dream.

    Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine (includes links to fantastic sites for 4 other magazines dealing with other bike types. Each of these other magazines contains the same amount of useful information - but I'm a cruiser fan)

    Motorcycle Safety Forums (including at last count 176 short but great articles on road riding by a Goldwing Geezer who really seems to have his head screwed on)

    Bikepoint's riding tips
    from Superbike School owner Steve Brouggy add a racer's perspective at:

    They're my regulars... Any others worth a look?
  2. Thanks for the linxs.

    You also have good old MSN of course.
  3. thanks bud,the sites r good.
  4. Oh, I forgot one:

    Note that I've modified the search to get rid of all the pocket bikes. This is where I go to fantasize about my next bike...
  5. Remind me to come out on a ride with you one day Marty... I wanna be in an action pic... :)
  6. great read, thanks Loz. :)
  7. You idjit. :LOL:
  8. There's an old saying "When you're travelling, never take an idjit with you, you can always pick one up when you get there".