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Top 3 Songs that get you in the mood....(for riding)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Over coffee on Monday a topic of discussion was sparked "Whats on your ipod?"

    We went back and forwards for over 30 min from BB King, jethro tull, steepinwolf, ACDC, cake, billy joel, powderfinger, muse, vampire weekend, mark knopfler, john mayall, rock, jazz, country, metal, and dare I say "justin bieber." You name it we compared it and I had some serious competition on my hands when I was dropping old school blues artists and had someone knowing exactly who I was referring to.

    (Yes I hang my head in shame as the bieber was on my ipod, no matter what my defence is no one will believe that it was a 10 year old that placed it on there)

    Music is a big part of my life, I cant live without it, like motorcycling it moves us. Where ever I may be, there is always tunes going and Im always bopping away to something.

    Which brings me to;

    What are you TOP 3 Tunes, all time favourites that you love hearing on the bike, that get you in the mood for riding, or the melodies that ignite memories of good time riding.





  2. I own two Ducatis-so there is only one song for me,
    Nancy Sinatra----
  3. 1. Gallows pole. Has to be the live version @ Clarkeson.
    2. Everlong. Foo fighters. Live and accuistic.
    3. Ha ha no I am not gey. Relax. Holly Johnson. The London Trance dance remix. Don't laugh. Try this one at the track next time :) Just keeps getting deeper and faster.
  4. Hmm, I have songs that make me want to dance, but I don't think I've come across a song that makes me want to ride - I just always want to ride! So I will post my current top 3 songs that make me want to dance.

    Above & Beyond - Love is not enough
    Feed Me - Grand theft ecstasy
    deadmau5 - Brazil
  5. 1. Snaggletooth - Motorhead (Now where did those chicken strips go?)
    2. Ode to Joy - Beethoven(?) (Just perfect for a spirited ride at dawn in spring)
    3. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol (Got me riding again after a bit of a lay off)

    That last one is mildly embarrassing but it gets credit because, years ago, I'd been bikeless for a while after coming to Australia and hadn't got round to getting mobile again. I was out shopping and Rebel Yell came on the piped music system and, as the intro got going, I found myself just standing staring into the middle distance and thinking "Fuck me, I've got to get another bike". So two days later I did :D.

    You asked for three. There's shitloads of others with near enough equal billing.

  6. I know PATB I thought about doing top 3 in differant categories, so many to choose from :) so many stories to differant tunes also.
  7. Me .. I ride slow and easy, and never with any other music than that created by a combination of the bike, the road, the voices in my head and the environment I'm in.

    In between rides it's more a case of artist rather than a particular song ..

    Tom Waites
    Leonard Cohen
    The Pogues

    Oh favourite pastime other than the bike and the other 8-[ is scabbing through other peoples music collections.
  8. there's no specific songs which make me ride, but there are many songs which make me push harder.
    alter bridge, birds of tokyo, bush, coal chamber, disturbed, evanescence, incubus, mudvayne, RHCP, slipknot, tool and some others i'm too damn lazy to check. that's what's currently on my ipod

    speaking of which, i really should switch out my music, it's gettin kinda stale
  9. i used to listen whilst riding, no more.

    ill have to give it a good think to see what gets me in the mood - im like you chicken, always listening to something. really trying to broaden horizons atm (not so many 'known' bands)

    whats are your 3 chicken?
  10. lmao im still working on that, there are so many to choose from, my music taste is fairly ecletic. With friends in bands, playing varying music it always differs.

    Going through a cam tapp phase at the moment, aussie guy from a band called borne as well as sam hawksley who arguably one of the most talented guitarists in aus atm.

    at the moment, maybe
    mark knopfler - Boom, like that.
    John mayall - one life to live
    and a bit of Eric church (country rock)smoke a little smoke
  11. Pull me Under - Dream Theatre
    Technology - Cruz & the white feat DJ Steph.
    The Orange Theme - Cygnus X (hard to decide between this and The First Rebirth - Jones & Stephenson)

    Speaking of Images & Words, there is a certain point in the RNP that I always get Surrounded in my head. I would start the album upon leaving home and get to bald hill halfway through metropolis and sit there listening to the remainder of the album.

    Not so much a top 3 song thing, but you can't go past the heaviest filthiest hardstyle to get the blood pumping.
  12. Im guilty of going round the block till a song finishes lol
  13. Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
    Bad Company - Bad Company (& a few others by this band as well)
    Pearl Jam - Alive

    (& some other times - Techno/Trance music).
  14. Mmmmhmmmm (y)

    I'm always in the mood for riding! Otherwise trance/hardstyle/rock. If I have to name top 3:

    1. Welcome to Rainbow (Basshunter)
    2. Scrap Attack (Headhunterz, Defqon 1 2009)
    3. Angel (Ultrabeat)
  15. So when, exactly, was your depression diagnosed? :wink:
  16. Geez, impossible to answer....

    My mp3 player has everything from way back to some of today's tracks and includes some old favorites from the old country....
    Frank Sinatra, Eagles, Doobie Bros, Beatles, Little River Band, Elvis, Sherbert, Skyhooks, Earth Wind & Fire, Farnham, ACDC, Buble, Housten, Black Eye Peas, Beyounce, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Eskimo Joe, The Living End, and on and on and.....
    Won't mention old country artists as you won't know what I'm on about...:LOL:
    Err love all music really, play it on any ride and enhances my riding pleasure on anything I expect longer than 20 min...
    Still plenty space for more too and it's about time to add a few more tracks.

    Yep some daggy stuff too but what plays in my helmet stays in my helmet.... :p
  17. Haggard, cash, le doux, mcintyre, oh wait just remebered

    travelling willberrys...dammit havent heard them for a long time.
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  19. Ah yes, I was actually talking about real hardstyle but that will do I suppose.
  20. New one

    Santos - hear my soul