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Top 100 motorcycles of all time (?)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pepito, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Because his own bike made it to number 35, my brother just sent me motorcyclenews.com's list of top 100 motorcycles of all time.

    Because I didn't see a VFR in the top 10 I stopped looking and declared the list without any credibility.

  2. Absolutely correct!! :)
  3. doesn't matter just searched for it....

    I quite like the top 10.....most are a real hoot to ride
  4. That "click for next 10" setup reeks of advertising revenue.

    To hell with it.
  5. Welp, my bike's on there. Good enough for me ;)
  6. Our two bikes are'nt on there. Not a good list!!!!
  7. It's a UK owners' survey measuring how satisfied owners were with their bikes - hence 3 Triumphs in the top 10...all deservedly I must say. Second place aint bad \\:D/
  8. I think the choices are expected given its readership.
  9. Most of 'em would have only ever ridden a handful of bikes. How could they know?
    Give me an expert's opinion on something like this.
  10. Think it's more like 100 Ducati 1098 owners took the survey and they all loved their bikes more than their mothers...hence it's No. 1
  11. Glad to see number 2 is a quality bike =O I don't think the 1098 is actually all that interesting.
  12. I think they just wrote 100 bikes down on pieces of paper, threw them into the air, and wrote them down in the order they picked them up.
  13. This survey was obviously conducted very sound scientific methods and with out bias at all, it is without doubt very accurate.

    How could it be otherwise with three Triumphs in the top 10?

  14. No Ducati Monsters? I'm no fanboy by any means, but really?

    Proud owner of #94 :D
  15. This list is a load of crap.

    A 'UK owner's survey'?

    So basically, if only one person owned one of the bikes, it goes to the end of the list. Wow, real professional way of telling the world a bike sucks.

    Half of the top 20 bikes look like a pig's arse.
  16. you didnt look to hard at number 7 did you?
  17. Looks like no motorcycles were manufactured before about 1985! Stupid pointless list!
  18. What a waste of electrons