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Top 10 Riding Routes in the World

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. From http://www.askmen.com/fashion/travel_top_ten_100/110_travel_top_ten.html

    Number 10 - Alpines and Dolomites
    Starting in Munich, Germany, brave bikers can tour the Alps in Austria and the Dolomites in Italy, stopping at several quaint ski towns in both countries. The allure of this tour lies in the challenging mountain passes, hairpin turns and zigzag back roads, all of which provide for some hair-raising adventures.
    Depending on how many miles you choose to chew up each day, this trip can take from five to seven days. With beautiful stops like Salzburg, Austria and Cortina, Italy on the way, travelers will often extend their stay to shoot the breeze with fellow motorcyclists in this mountainous part of Europe.

    Tour highlight: While zooming through the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, you'll enter at least 10 winding mountain pass roads per day.

    Number 9 - Chile and Argentina
    Chile was Che Guevara's first stop in his famous motorcycle ride through South America, and it remains a wonderful place to tour thanks to the towering Andes and their mountainside roads. Riders can crisscross between Chile and Argentina, resting at motorcycle pit stops at Osorno, San Carlos de Bariloche and Puerto Varas.
    Travelers will often take a winding route through the two countries, starting in Osorno and then snaking their way through the Andes. This allows them to visit either side of the Chilean-Argentine border and follow highways that run north, south, east, and west. Motorcyclists can spend days losing themselves in Chile's and Argentina's shared varying landscape.

    Tour highlight: Riding from Osorno to Puerto Varas will allow you to feast your eyes on the Osorno volcano and ride through fun-filled sharp turns and mountain roads.

    Number 8 - Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro: Round trip
    Forming a quasi-circular route through Brazil's southeast, this path from Sao Paolo through the Serra Da Mantiqueira Mountains and down to Rio de Janeiro gives bikers a tour of Brazil's best features. A 940-mile trip, this route follows a varying landscape of narrow, high-altitude highways, some country roads and plenty of winding coastline stretches. Bikers can negotiate hairpin turns near the resort of Campos do Jordaõ one day and reach the party-loving city of Rio de Janeiro by the next.
    The return trip to Sao Paolo is just as enjoyable, since beach-hugging roads and the spectacular island of Ilhabela await. Motorcyclists should allot at least 10 days for this trip -- more if the allure of Rio proves too strong to ignore.

    Tour highlight: The route from Alphaville to Campos do Jordaõ features an incredible ride through winding country roads, past rural towns and coffee plantations.

    Number 7 - Côte d'Azur and Provence
    Amidst the glitz and luxury of the Côte d'Azur and the rustic homely elegance of Provence lie a great many paths ideal for the jet-setting motorcyclist. Setting out from Nice in southeast France, riders can experience the great shopping and fine beaches of several French Riviera towns, all while cruising along highways that flirt with the Mediterranean.
    Only a few miles inland from the Côte d'Azur is Provence, France's quaint, picturesque and charming province. The towns of Provence are easily accessible and the traveler will find routes to all points of the inland region. A westward route eventually leads to the bustling Aix-en-Provence, just north of Marseilles. Riders can continue north or west for more riding amidst beach or forest. This trip can take anywhere from one or two days to seven, depending on how many of Provence's narrow roads one wishes to explore.

    Tour highlight: Any route that brings you through Gorges-du-Loup will be impressive, thanks to the locale's elevated climbs and sweeping turns that provide wonderful views of the sea.

    Number 6 - Rome to Istanbul via Greece
    This ride through the Mediterranean coast and the cradle of Western Civilization features idyllic vistas and the greatest sampling of food and culture you'll find in southern Europe. Starting from Rome, a good choice is to head south to the town of Positano, after which the route veers east through the Apennines to the town of Alborebello. Ferries in nearby Bari carry travelers to Greece, where riders can pick up again and island-hop to Olympia and Athens. A second ferry takes bikers to Turkey, where a northerly route is highlighted by a pass through the challenging Boz Mountains. After that, the final leg north to Istanbul will feel like a breeze.
    An abundance of narrow country roads and winding highways in all three countries make this route particularly fun for bikers. With only a few one-day stops on the way, the route can take 16 days to complete.

    Tour highlight: A hill-filled ride through the ancient towns of Birgi and Sardes in Turkey presents a very challenging trip through unfinished forest roads.

    Number 5 - Cape Town to Johannesburg
    Looking for a ride that is both incredibly unique and demanding? Try the coastal trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg, South Africa, where you'll experience the physical and cultural beauty of one of Africa's most dynamic nations. From Cape Town in the southeast, you'll head through amazing seafront terrain as well as grasslands, canyons and green valleys. Your first destination: the ocean-hugging towns of Cape L'Agulhas and Knysna. Continuing northeast, bikers are often stunned by the beautiful mountain terrain of the small Kingdom of Swaziland, after which they head west past the South African capital of Pretoria to bustling Johannesburg.
    The wonders of the South African backwoods and the Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastal highways make this trip a truly memorable one. An aggressive riding schedule will enable riders to complete the route in roughly two weeks.

    Tour highlight: The stretch of road between Cape L'Agulhas and Prince Albert features an array of wonders, including deep canyons and flat grasslands. You might find it hard to keep your eyes on the meandering road at this juncture.

    Number 4 - Australia's East Coast
    Australia is full of incredible natural wonders. On this trip, riders get to see almost all of them. Beginning in Melbourne and heading northeast from New South Wales to Queensland, travelers will be treated to twisting roads hugging the Pacific Ocean as well as mountain routes and even some beachside cruising. Bikers are encouraged to stop at such cool places as the Yarrangobilly Caves and Heron Island, located smack in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.
    To complete the trip, bikers often double back once they pass Brisbane in the north, heading southwest along the coast or through the more challenging interior roads. Either way, adventurous motorcyclists are treated to Australia's most beautiful landscapes on what can easily become a three-week trip which ends where it started, in Melbourne.

    Tour highlight:The Great Ocean Drive in Victoria's Southern Ocean coast provides the best views and most exciting rides

    Number 3 - Southern Norway
    Norway may not be the first place to come to mind when motorcycles are mentioned, but the Scandinavian country is home to some superb routes just waiting for a two-wheeler to attack. The most popular tack is to stick to Southern Norway, beginning in Kristiansand in the south and making a loop, heading as far north as the towns of Dombas and Olden before straddling the west coast back to the starting point.
    Not only does this route avoid the cold North, it ventures into mountainous, fjord-filled terrain that is both picturesque and challenging. Riders will negotiate hairpin after hairpin, tunnels and what seem like sheer mountain faces on the expertly-designed Norwegian roads. Excitement abounds every day on this two-week tour, one that challenges both riders' skills and the bikes themselves.

    Tour highlight: The Lysebotn road boasts an incredible 36 hairpin bends, in addition to a sloping tunnel that turns nearly 360º.

    Number 2 - Christchurch to Auckland
    Few people have the zeal to tour a whole country on a motorcycle, but superb roads from Christchurch to Auckland, New Zealand allow adventurers to do just that. Thanks to the country's incredible array of geographical wonders -- riders pass by glaciers, towering mountain peaks, volcanoes, lush forests, and beaches -- this route provides an awe-inspiring experience for every type of traveler.
    Riders will need to book two weeks to truly enjoy this trip, which begins at the southern tip of New Zealand's South Island. From there, the tour winds past Mount Cook, the country's highest peak, as well as picturesque glacial lakes and the towns of Nelson and Queenstown. After riding the hour-long ferry to the North Island, bikers see rural countryside, forest and beaches before arriving in Auckland in New Zealand's north.

    Tour highlight: The road from Te Anau to Queenstown is the best part of the trip, as it meanders through lakes, mountain sides and coastline, culminating in a ride along the coast of the Tasman Sea.

    Number 1 - The Western Alps
    Beginning in Zurich, Switzerland, riders with a lust for extreme mountain roads, thin air and great food will head out north by northeast, passing through Germany's Black Forest before reaching France's Alsace region. From there, head to Savoie, home of Europe's highest Alps. Here you'll visit beautiful little towns like Annecy before riding through two of the continent's highest mountain roads: Col d'Iseran and Cime de la Bonette.
    If that's not enough, you can double back after eating up the French roads in order to visit the Alps of Switzerland and Italy. Touring these two countries' mountainous regions will reveal a double dose of riding fun and culture (including gourmet dining at all pit stops) that cannot be missed.

    Tour highlight: The Southern Alpine pass of Col du Galibier provides panoramic views and follows the same route as one of the Tour de France's most challenging legs.
  2. exquisite torture, thanks Dan :cry:
  3. I have photos of this, will post them at some stage... makes you dribble
  4. One of these days (years?) I'm getting a bike and doing Belfast to Beijing via the scenic route.

    Figure I'll take two years off to do it, spend about 6 months through Europe and then head east. Just want to wait until (or see if) things calm down in the middle east because I'd like to include that in the trip.
  5. +9.5 things on my todo list
  6. I hope you're planning on living to a ripe old age, cos that little fracas is never going to be sorted out. Go anyway, would be my advice!
  7. Yeah, when I've got the cash I'll probably just say sod it and go.

    Guess it'll be Russia and vodka rather then the middle east and....no vodka.

    Definitely doing India though. Apparently one of the best countries in the world to do by bike. Then I'll probably cut up through south and south east asia and back into China.

    Then it'll probably be saving up again so I can do Africa and the Americas as well.
  8. Just remember Napoleon's and Hitler's mistake and don't try and conquer Russia in the winter.
    Envy you the plan, mate, too old and too many commitments now to do anything other than think about it......
  9. Yeah, Russia in winter would be a VERY bad idea.

    The plan is to start in summer, do the north of Europe first and then do the mediterranean when winter sets in with the idea being to avoid the worst of the snow. Then head north and east in spring chasing the snow line which would give me 9 months before things really started to get cold again by which time I should be in India and heading south.

    Head back up north at the end of winter and ride through the rest of it.
  10. "Oh the places I have been and the people I have seen......" You'll be able to bore your grand-kids for hours with that trip!!! :LOL:
  11. I'll be able to invite all you guys down for "slide-week" too! :LOL:
  12. "...Like the time I took the fairy to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe so I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on them. Give me five bees for a quarter you'd say. Now where were we, oh ya. The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have white onions because if the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones."
    - Grampa Simpson
  13. DONE! I'll be there! (LOVE the Simpsons quote)
  14. Rolling 10+1 +good part of 7 into one ride should be heaven then :D :D
    Roll on '07 :roll: