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Top 10 reasons why a car is better than a bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mdart, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. I am struggling to find any reasons why but lets start a debate.
    my 1st one is its easier to grab a pizza for takeaway in a car :p

  2. I would say gale force winds + heavy rain, but if you're riding in it, it makes you look "tough" (thats my excuse)
  3. Being able to control the temperature? Oh and a back seat for the more the amorous moments. ;)
  4. its OK to drive in shorts and thongs
  5. Not so! A mate and myself strapped 3 large pizzas to his rack, they didn't shift an inch.
  6. Noting wrong with getting pizza on the bike.
    Sit it on the tank and hold it in place with your arms, doesn’t affect your steering at all.
    The problem is when you are going through a drive through people look at you strangely.
    And you cant eat while you are riding.
    But apart from that a car docent even come remotely close.

    Well except the GF isn’t too keen on pillioning so I need a car to take her out.
    The things I will do for a beautiful girl...
  7. The pizza would get cold unless you had one of them warmers.
    I rode today in wind and rain in brisbane and only seen two other brave souls on my trip to work.I normally see about 10 bikes where have all the real men gone
  8. Um... I wouldn't know. I still can't drive. :grin:

    At the moment, the advantage is music. I don't have an MP3 player yet, so I can't listen to music on the bike. Besides which, I like the sound of my engine, and if I couldn't hear it... I don't know what would happen!
  9. can't fit the surf board on the bike ;) :p actaully doesn't fit in the car that well either :(

    oh well bike wins :D
  10. But you can carry skis :LOL:

    This guy posted on a BMW forum that he's run out of mods for his K100.

  11. you can fit 4 other people in your car on your Ps and only yourself on the bike. but i prefer not having to talk anyway so the bike wins
  12. Cars don't fall over.
    Unless you push them.
  13. And you call yourself a geek! :p Easy fix - buy an MP3 player and a louder pipe. Works fine for me - the only time I can't hear my engine is when its switched off!
  14. cant smoke on the go.

  15. you can watch a dvd, talk on your phone and eat kfc all at the same time, it's easy with cruise control.
  16. Yes and while you are doing that run four or five bikes of the road.

    I’ve had some tool eating and driving pull into my lane just before the lights
    People in cars that eat while driving are so irresponsible
    The police pull me over to make sure I am carrying a little piece of paper but they let them do stuff like that it is so not fair that that harass me for riding a bike but let dangerous people continue what they are doing cause its easer to pick on me.
    Less paper work.

    No joke just about run of the road then pulled over for a license check.
  17. someone needs a hug! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    ok, dont get offended, im just messin' with you

    why a car is better than a bike...
    because mine comes with a built in StarCard that fuels my BIKE! :grin: :cool:
  18. I'm just biding my time, as it were. I am rather short on funds right now, but getting a better-paying job just after the long-weekend. (feck, just broke a nail!)

    And NO, I WILL NOT get an iPod.
  19. Can only do family outings in the car.
  20. ahh not so
    The charmed family have a bike each - and all can ride. :grin: