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NSW Top 10 misunderstood road rules

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GJ384, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. This morning the Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, was on the radio talking about a new guide the RMS have launched this morning - "Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules in NSW."

    You can download the guide here:

    With any luck it will clear up a few things for a few people I've noticed while out and about. It's just a shame that they don't appear to have addressed motorbikes anywhere in the guide - for one thing, I would personally like to see RMS explain to certain moron drivers that motorbikes actually are permitted to use bus lanes!

    What else would you like the RMS to clarify, which isn't covered in the guide?

  2. Most of this applies in Victoria as well, except the part about indicating to leave a roundabout which is just plain strange IMHO unless the roundabout is huge, and the thing about making a U-Turn at traffic lights. Here, it's always permitted unless there's a "No U-Turn" sign.

    There's quite a bit of subjectivity in the document. Things like "unreasonable", "practical to do so", "safe to do so" etc. which can make it difficult to follow/easy to argue with. It comes down to the copper's/judge's opinion at the end of the day, so watch out. Err on the side of caution I guess.

    For the most part though, it's all pretty obvious and disappointing that people don't know this. It's the sort of thing you need to know to get a learner permit, so really there's no excuse for not knowing it at all, just for arguing the minutiae.

    In terms of motorcycling... Well, it's not really the point of it. It's the "Top 10 misunderstood road rules", not the "10 things that annoy motorcyclist the most". Maybe we should make one of our own? No, seriously.
  3. So, in that case....

    1. Look for motorcycles, you stupid bastard. Seriously, just open your eyes.
    2. Motorcycles have every right to be on the road.
    3. Just because you're jealous that you can't squeeze through the traffic like a motorcycle can is not a reason to behave like a dickhead.
    4. Most motorcycles are almost certainly faster off the line than your car. Deal with it.
    5. Motorcycles are allowed to ride in certain places that cars aren't. Bus lanes, transit lanes etc. Haha! Sucker.
    6. Come on man, did you even read number one? Just OPEN YOUR EYES! No, not a quick glance in the mirror, turn your head every now and then, it won't kill you... there, like that. Good lad.

    And now I've run out of ideas... Someone else keep them coming.
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  4. I think they need to make the rules about mobile phones also applicable to GPS devices ... I've seen people with the GPS mounted almost right in front of the driver :eek: not to mention them fiddling with it as they are going along :rolleyes:
  5. In Vic it's "If practical to do so" and I find it easy enough to do at most roundabouts in car and on bike.
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    Well, there you go. Apparently, it's almost never practical because almost every large roundabout in Vic has a left/right lane leading up to it and the rest are quite small. Ambiguity in road rules is so much fun.
  7. I wouldn't swear to it, but I think that the latest wording ex-RMS covers not fiddling with GPSs as well.

    I also think that the old regulation about not having junk to obscure your vision forward, is actually still there and the cops, if they could be bothered, could do lots of folk with big GPS screens stuck on the windscreen right in front of the driver.
  8. The problem here is that the muppets who have no interest in roadcraft are the ones who don't know the rules and are the least likely to be bothered downloading/reading the guide.
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  9. What sort of offence is this? Had anyone been fined for that? How else do I warn incoming vehicles of a cop hiding in the bush?
  10. an armed freak lying in wait to ambush people is an emergency
  11. LEO's in Darwin are quite happy to have you warn on coming cars by flashing your lights. Same effect to slow the traffic.

    I thought you were once upon a time supposed to flash the idiot in front before overtaking to key him know you were coming through? Most older cars have the flash setting marked as pass.
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    I think #2 is great. If you've ever lived overseas where pedestrians are respected and applauded for their environmentally friendly decision to walk....they should not have to worry about being run over by a motorist who's going to get to their destination much quicker anyway.

    Remember this one because I'm walking right out there and I ain't stopping in the middle of the road to let motorists past. You hit me....you go to jail. (I die though which is sad)

    Other scenario...you begin to turn and realise I'm in your way. you don't hit me... now your out in no mans land...you get creamed by oncoming traffic...lesson learned. Give way.
  13. Actually, new Triumph Daytona MY2013 still has a separate button marked PASS. Guess what it does.
  14. So you'd prefer to be right and dead than wrong and alive.

    Personally, if a pedestrian crosses anywhere other than a pedestrian crossing then they should be fair game. Don't like it, stay off the fcuking road..
  15. Cops in Perth have certainly fined people for warning oncoming traffic of mobile speed traps ahead. Seems like a bit of a dick thing to do because you're basically admitting that you'd rather give out more speeding tickets than have people slow down.
  16. now here is a guy who has never left the inner city. I've lived in places without a pedestrian crossing for 200 miles in any direction. And there are plenty of places in cities where there are no marked crossings around a whole block. You want these people to never cross the road?
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  17. See that's where you're wrong. I live in country NSW, Wagga to be precise. We have very few pedestrian crossings.

    Either way I fail to see your point. They can cross the road, but it should be their responsibility to do it safely not mine.
  18. I would be okay with that if vehicle operators also took full responsibility for the consequences; i.e. hitting a pedestrian would result in an assault or manslaughter charge and gaol time. Until that's the case, I'm all for laws favouring the softer, squishier road users.
  19. See I take a different point of view. If a pedestrian is crossing the road at somewhere other than a pedestrian crossing then the onus is up to them to do it safely, not the driver of the car.

    However, if they are crossing at a pedestrian crossing, then the onus is on the driver.
  20. Lets look at that the other way round, Mick.

    When do you think you are allowed to squish pedestrians?