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Top 10 Customised Japanese Scooters

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Sooty, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Apparently having no ground clearance is the in thing with these scooters!

    Perhaps they have air/hydraulic suspension height adjustment....
  2. do they have enough power to actually get those crazy tyres to turn?
  3. Terrible, just terrible. Akin to Hyundai excel with a spoiler & body kit, or one of the Choppers from OCC.
  4. Yeah, apparently they do?

    They do some pretty serious mods on them as well. I spoke to a guy who hated them, but when he was in Tokyo around 2-3 years ago rode a hopped up one and said it was awesome?

    I'll be dead before I'm caught on one though.
  5. i'll give kudos to the craftmanship and whathaveyou BUT **** me if
    PRACTICALITY has been thrown out the ****ing window on these things!

    Those scooters, from what i've observed, even stock, are loud mother****ers! you can't help but turn around upon hearing them on the street.
  6. I wonder if they ride them in tshirt, shorts and sandles?

    Now I've seen it all - pimped scooters!
  7. as luck would have it. came across these, recently:



  8. Riding them is probably like screwing a fat chick - great fun at a the time, but you'd never tell your mates you did it.