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Top 10 Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Top 10 CRUISER

    1. Harley-Davidson FLSTF

    2. Harley-Davidson FXST
    3. Honda VT750C
    4. Yamaha XVS650
    5. Harley-Davidson XL883
    6. Triumph America
    7. Suzuki DR-Z400E
    8. Harley-Davidson FXSTC
    9. Yamaha XVS1100
    10. Harley-Davidson FXDB


    1. Honda CBR1000RR

    2. Honda CBR600RR
    3. Yanaha YZF-R1
    4. Suzuki GSX-R1000
    5. Yamaha YZF-R6
    6. Suzuki GSX-R750
    7. Suzuki GSX-R600
    8. Ducati 1098
    9. Kawasaki ZX-14
    10. Kawasak ZX-10R


    1. Triumph Sprint ST

    2. Honda CBR1100XX
    3. Honda VFR800
    4. Honda VRR1000F
    5. Suzuki GS500F
    6. Suzuki Hayabusa
    7. Yanaha FZ-6S
    8. Suzuki Bandit 1200
    9 Kawasaki ER-6N
    10. BMW F 800 ST

    Top 10 250cc ROAD

    1. Honda CT110X

    2. Hyosung GT250R
    3. Kawasaki GPX250R
    4. Honda VTR250
    5. Yamaha XV250
    6. Honda CBF250
    7. Hyosung GV250
    8. Suzuki VL250
    9. Kawasaki ZZ-R250
    10. Hyosung GT250

    Top 10 NAKED

    1. Suzuki GSX1400

    2. Honda CB900F
    3. Triumph Speed Triple
    4. Suzuki GS500
    5. Yamaha FZ6-N
    6. Suzuki GSR600
    7. Buell XB12S
    8. Kawasaki ER-6
    9. Hyosung GT650
    10. Kawasak ZRX1200R

    Top 10 TOURING

    1. BMW R 1200 RT

    2. Yamaha FJR1300
    3. Honda ST1300
    4. Harley-Davidson FLHTCU
    5. Harley-Davidson FLHRC
    6. BMW K 1200 GT
    7. Honda Goldwing
    8. Honda NT700V
    9. Harley-Davidson FLHT
    10. Harley-Davidson FLHRS

    Top 10 SCOOTER

    1. Honda Lead 100

    2. VMoto Monza JP50
    3. Yamaha CV50
    4. VMoto Milan JX50
    5. Bug Jive
    6. Yamaha YW100
    7. Honda NVS50
    8. Bolwell Jolie
    9. Vespa GTS250
    10. TGB 101S

    Source: Glass's Guide Motorcycles Aug-Oct 2007
  3. pfft, we already knew that! :LOL: :p
  4. 'Top 10' according to who, and by what criteria? Are you talking about sales in Australia?
    I find it very odd there's no SV650 in there... take the top 10 nakeds, for example - I find it highly unlikely Buell would sell more XB12S than Suzuki SV650.
  5. I know they're a versatile bike, but the Number 7 cruiser :shock:
  6. Looks like a sales chart to me, hence the high position of the CT110.
  7. Interesting, the GS500's still making two separate top 10s (for both the naked and faired variant) - and yet still no sign any other manufacturer is going to bother bringing out something LAMs legal to compete :?. There's so much potential here for a Korean/Chinese manufacturer to grab a fair chunk of the Oz market (can't be that hard to graft a couple of 250cc engines together to make a 500).
  8. Yes, I'm guessing that's what it is. But there are strange inconsistencies there. Like absence of SV650 in naked list. Or the fact there's Ducati 1098 in top-10 sports, but no Hyosung 650R... I'm not saying Hyosung is a better bike, but surely it shifts more units than the exclusive Duc?!?
  9.  Top
  10. Thats because not enough sales to register on the chart.
  11. Hmm I'll remedy that.. :)
  12. So Buell XB12S (number 7 on naked chart) outsold Kawasaki ER-6, Hyosung GT650 (numbers 8 and 9), and Suzuki SV650 (not even in the top 10)? That's absolutely bizarre and totally not confirmed by what I see on the streets everyday.

    Sydney must be highly unusual when it comes to distribution of motorcycle sales...
  13. Maybe all the Buells are in WA. I seem to see more of them than either the Hyo or the ER.

    Although, not being into Buells, I haven't a clue about the models.
  14. Bud,

    I didnt include number of bikes sold, but the rankings are only from
    January 1 2007 - April 30 2007.

    Sales figures and possibly rankings may have changed since then.

    2ndly these are calculated thru national sales. Therefore what you see
    in your street is irrelevant.
  15. Shouldn't the CT110 have its own category? How can they rate a Posite Bike as a Road Bike? They live on foot paths!!! :LOL:
  16. OK, the link posted by Toecutter seem to be more recent (Jan - June) and they make a bit more sense. Buell fell to the bottom of the list, although it still managed to outsell Z1000, and SV650 is still nowhere to be seen. But V-Strom tops the 'top 10 adventure bikes' category...

    Actually it makes a lot more interesting reading when you see the sales figures rather than just the rankings. The winner of 'naked' category, GSX1400 sold almost twice as many units as 'ER650' - that would be ER-6n, I suppose?. But still fewer than the V-Strom, which goes to show that adventure bikes are a growing business.

    Also, it's interesting that for all the supposed 'buzz' about motards, the actual sales figures are rather insignificant. The winner of the category, Honda XR400M shifted a grand total of 71 units, beating DR-Z400M by just three sales. The others are so pathetic that actually single-digit sales figures were enough to place in top 10!
    (Aprilia - 7 sales)
  17. Many people motard a trail bike (as I've done), so not included

    The Aprilia RXV550 is a race bike - ~ 60hp weighing 119kgs :cool:
  18. I'm pretty amazed by the CBR600RR sales. That's a big jump, 150%.
  19. I think this would be correct, NFI limited it's orders of all the other Ducati's to Import as many 1098/1098S's and SuperMotards as they could get there hands on, Hence people like me placing orders for Monsters have to wait until November for Shipping to return to normal.

    This would also lead to a big leap in sales as you have a large amount of stock arrive and get sold in a short period of time due to overwhelming customer orders, I know my dealer here in Cairns ordered 2 x 1098 and 1 x 1098S and they arrived and where delivered to there happy owners all within 1 week.

    Just my 2 cents (+GST)