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Toowoomba to melbourne on a GS500F!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by JimmyGS, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Well, as the title says, I'm planning on riding from toowoomba to Melbourne, around March 2012.(work permitting) Its gonna be my first trip over 600km. Was planning on selling the GS as I'm off restictions, but then thought "it's only 12 months old, still has 12 months warranty and bugger it, why not do a ride report for people who are stuck on LAMs machines for more than 12months, and really assess it?" none of the usual bike mag "it's no goldwing" claptrap. The bike will be assessed on it's own merits (bar a few modifications, priced and listed). So I'm looking for recommendations for luggage and gear. Big luggage. Failing that, I'll make my own with some of my old army kit.

    I'm going to be in Melbourne for 6 months, so I will be riding around the City and hopefully joining other netriders for brewskis and rides!

    This thread is asking for best roads to take down (good photo ops and to review) tips and tricks for long distance riding, safety considerations, best rest stops, waterproofing etc and not forgetting the bike set up and servicing.

    All ideas will be tried and tested, and the whole shebang will be put under the relevant thread, and maybe a blog if I Take too many pics.

    I will post pics of the bike, as she stands now, so there is a follow up as mods take place, with a DIY section for those wanting to do the same!

    Well, off to wash her and get some pics to post!
  2. A few suggestions - Click here for map - not the most direct route, but some fun, scenic roads along the way

    Get yourself a set of Kriega bags that you can carry across to your next bike
  3. Newell.

    Along the coast there Are two big holdups - Brisbane and Sydney.

    The newell cuts out significant klm, and is a better run, fuel stops are well placed, and plenty of accom most of the time. But it does pay to plan ahead!

    Toowoomba to MLB is possible in one day, but better in 3.
    Another alternative is to get out your motorcycling atlas, and plan around the best roads. From memory, you can squeeze in about 15-17 of the best roads with some planning!

    Stay hydrated, and avoid dawn or dusk (Roos).
    If you go the Newell, keep an eye out for the trucks, they tend to have a head of steam going.
    The best places to eat look the shittiest. Food is the best though.
    There are also servo apps for your phone if you are worried bout running out - very handy.
    Done that run quite a few times, never done the same route twice.
    Pm me for more if you want.
    Don't sweat it, it is a great ride.
  4. Some good suggestions from Miraz on a route, just a heads up the Woods Point rd is unsealed but ok. I would add the Granya gap rd up near the NSW/Vic border if you get a chance.