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Toowoomba Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VTRgirl, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Yes, Toowoomba, that tiny village just west of Brisbane... That little country town with unbelievable riding roads in every direction :grin: !

    Greetings! I'm one of these die-hard riders with no other vehicle. Been riding for yonks & finally parted with the cage about a year ago, after I realised I was replacing the battery more often than I was actually using the car. Since then, it's just been me & my VTR thou'.

    I bought my beloved about 2 & a half years ago with 12,500kms on the clock. She's now passed the 80 mark & is still going strong, God bless'er.

    I'm always up for a blat any chance I get, so I'll be keeping an eye out for anything happening in Brisbane & it's surrounds.

    BTW, with so many people always online here, is there a chat linked to the forum? It's good to see I'm not the only one awake at this hour :? .

    Anyway, thanks for having me :) . I'm a bit of a serial poster in other forums, so I'm sure it won't take me long to secure a similar reputation here :grin: .

  2. Well, there are def some other folk up at this time! I had my first ride today on the open road so am celebrating.......love it!
  3. Which "open road"?

    I generally ride to Sydney a couple of times a year. Had a blast there late last year. Met up with a tonne of other VTR riders (all 1000s, you're next bike, I'm sure... :wink: :grin: ). Did the Putty a zillion times, and all the good stretches around the Gong. Loved every minute of it :grin: .
  4. Welcome to the forums VTRgirl.

    Your cage sounds like it had an alternator problem.

    What do the nurses say at work when they find out you ride a motorbike?
  5. I live in Harbord in Sydney. Today i drove with a few mates around the area. The fastest I went was 80k/h. I was so nervous at the start. Tomorrow I am going to some less busy road (don't know where, the guys go there a lot though) to get more practice in. 1000 sounds very big right now!!
  6. howdy howdy, its 420am and im about to go out on a ride.. what a night!! .
  7. LOL. No alternator problem with the trusty Corolla. It was a gem. Just never got driven. I think I worked out that in the year prior to selling, I'd driven it 3 times. Just sort of became a loaner car for friends. Hence the flat batteries. Even when it was pouring, for some stupid reason I would still get the bike out! Now I have no choice :? .

    Get a mixed reaction re riding from work-mates (that's the doc's as well). Half want to get on the back & the other half continually berate. Mind you, one of my major hasslers re the riding, a physician, just confessed to me that he's heading for a 600cc scooter. LOL. Of course, every bike accident victim that passes through the doors lands on my patient list. Even when I got to help with an autopsy, they waited until an 'appropriate' patient arrived :roll: . They haven't got a hope of dissuading me, though. Love every minute of it. And it's always a good conversation starter with the patients :wink: !
  8. I'm jealous!

    It's 3:25am here & I'm stuck in a lull on night duty, with my bike juuuuust downstairs & I can't go for a ride.

    Not fair not fair not FAIR!

    ***VTRgirl stomps her feet (although very quietly so as not to wake any patients...)***
  9. VTRgirl, what a hoot of a post! You are most welcome, although you do rather shame us fair-weather riders.

    As for being a serial poster, well, welcome to Netrider. :LOL:

    And if you're coming down to the Gong again, be sure to let me know.
  10. Welcome to Netrider VTR Girl :)

    You'll have to go some to stand out as a serial poster with hornet around though LOL
  11. Hi VTR,

    Welcome! I'm sure you will soon outpost Hornet! :grin:

  12. Nice place Toowoomba, Welcome to the forum VTRgirl :)
  13. well there goes the peace & quiet!
    i'd say welcome - but..................
  14. Thanks for the welcome, peoples (except Doddles, of course... :roll: :wink: )!

    Hornet, I don't like my chances of out-posting you, but I'll definitely notify the press next time I'm heading for the Gong. I was born there (**VTRgirl ducks for cover from the insults hurled from 99.999% of forum readers**). My last Sydney trip was my first time back that I can actually remember. Beautiful place & great rides! Kinda like the Toowoomba of Sydney :grin: .

    Looking forward to meeting lots of netriders soon :grin: :cool: .
  15. Welcome....but I;m surpised none of the ozfirestorm mob has introduced themselves yet...
  16. Matt, they're probably all sick of me already :LOL: ! I lurk there as well :wink: .
  17. Welcome to Netrider, remember not to feed the monkey's...