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toowoomba honda - gear

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by i.d.g.a.f, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. if there are any people from, or familiar with toowoomba, hey and hello.

    went into the store this morning to have a look at riding gear, and get some prices. and david helped out and suggested, and is a great salesman.

    looked at :

    helmet : KBC VR-2 (didnt have to try any others, its heaven in a helmet)
    jacket : dririder (not sure on the exact model name) textile, and joe rocket leather. unfortunately the JR jacket's arms are way to long, my elbow sits about 4 inches higher up the sleeve than where the elbow protection is.
    pants : draggin (naturally) traffic and cargo styles
    boots : rossi and joe rocket


    the kbc VR-2 is incredibly comfortable on my head, goes on and off without too much discomfort (ears getting caught etc). is firm on my head and doesnt move or rotate. and isnt all that heavy.

    the dri-rider jacket is light and comfortable, but annoying and a textile (have my doubts about textiles)
    and the joe rocket blaster 3.0 leather jacket was comfortable, not overly hot but unfortunately the arms are way too long, my hands dont even come out the end (tried on large and extra large, the large was too small for my torso and to long in the arm....fat bastard that i am). so alas ill be searching for jackets elsewhere.

    the draggin jeans were very well made as far as i could see. and met my expectations from what iv read on the net. the traffic style is the more "trendier" looking, as it basically looks the same as your yuppy style denim jean thats in fashion atm.

    and what can i say. the joe rocket boot is very very hard to get on and off, uncomfortable when moving foot up and down (vertical movement, it would impede pedal use), but of course looks very smick......

    the rossi boot i cannot praise high enough. it is AUSTRALIAN made, very high quality construction, has what looks like a section of tyre tread (recycled material ?) over the top of your toe knuckles on your foot, where you would put the gear pedal when shifting (symmetric for looks)
    and is amazingly comfortable. is also discreet enough to be able to wear off the bike and not look like a complete dork.

    so what ill be getting from toowoomba honda

    helmet : KBC VR-2
    pants : draggin traffic
    boots : rossi (unsure of make, only rossi boot in the shop i believe)

    and gloves of some description, i very briefly tried on a pair of joerocket gloves that were mighty uncomfortable. and thought i might shop around to see if any other gloves offer protection for a particular area on my hand where iv suffered an injury previously.

    i highly recommend anyone in the darling downs area go to toowoomba honda to shop for gear AND of course bikes. they have a great range of new and used motorcycles. (im eyeing off the nsr150 out the front....tempting)

  2. The rossi boots are very good boot. They can be resoled if nessesary. And they stand up well to accidents.

    Steve has a very good shop... and he's a nice bloke and all his guys are very helpful and understanding.

    oh and hi.
  3. Hmmm. "Toowomba Honda" sounds like a wrestler's nickname. "AND IN THE RED CORNER....."

    Yeah I got Rossi boots. They're very comfy and you can wear them all day. They have no ankle protection in a crash is their main downfall, but they make a good practical touring/commuting boot. I'm starting to look for something a bit more solid for faster days.

    I personally love my Joe Rocket gloves and jacket but it's all about what fits you.