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Tooting my own horn!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TarmacSamurai, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Sorry to be so self-indulgent, but I'm a writer struggling for recognition! I recently had a short story published at a website called The Harrow: Original Works of Fantasy & Horror. If you're interested to read it, you can by clicking:


    Happy to hear feedback.

    My apologies once more. I now return you to your regular programs.

  2. You're a pretty decent writer :grin:

    No offence or anything, I knew exactly where the story was going and there wasn't much of a surprise; but the techniques you use to describe everything were really great!

    I'll confess, I chuckled at the only slightly out of place poetry that was:

    Thanks for the link!
    Do you have any more work online anywhere?
  3. Most of your posts are original works of fantasy and horror
  4. fan.
    you used the word tarmac, and for a footpath?!

    not bad writing though, i liked it!
  5. Sic'em Joel
  6. Thanks very much. It was more the telling than the 'surprise' that was the point with this one. There's a page on my site where I have a few short stories that have been published and you can read those. There's also my novel... ;)

    Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. You'd know.

  8. I'm missing something... you've never seen a tarmac footpath?

    What'd I do wrong?!
  9.  Top
  10. Right, well that's me told right off. :shock:

    But you can keep your internal tantrums to yourself, especially given my handle here. :shock: :grin: