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tools tools tools

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Hello friendly helpful netriders,

    Im building up my collection of tools now and wanted to know where everyone gets theirs from?
    Also at the moment im looking for a socket set and a hex sex (t-handle)
    would u recommend getting a 1/4" or 1/2" driver and whats the difference?
  2. I have a combo Sidchrome set. Socket section is 3/8", then it has a 1/4" set with a screw-driver type handle also.

    I think it's a good all-round set - as the 3/8 handles give you plenty of leverage on most things you are likely to encounter while still being small enough to get into tight spots on bikes and cars.

    Unless you're working on trucks etc. I doubt you'll need a big 1/2 set straight up. BUT what I did was get a 3/8-1/2" adaptor, so I could use a Kingchrome hex-socket set with my socket-set and THAT has been very useful in taking my FZR250 and LPCIII's VTR1000SP2 apart.

    If you need any special sockets after that, you can buy them individually.

    I can recommend these guys in Sydney: Sydney Tools
    Messy shop, but very good prices. They used to distribute gear for me, and have given me ridiculous discounts on tools in the past (I was VERY good to them in my last job).

    Some info for you when purchasing tools:

    Sidchrome brand tools are owned and imported by Stanley tools. Both plants are in Taiwan. Kingchrome is also in Taiwan, and Gasweld's "Toolex" brand is closely associated with Kingchrome.

    Sidchrome offer lifetime warranty. The rest are solid brands though.
    Bang for buck - Toolex are doing nice stuff these days, like gear wrenches etc. Kingchrome are good quality also.
    Stanley's small stuff [side-cutters, pliers etc] is made in China and quality of materials will show after a while [corrosion] but they ARE pretty cheap and decent if you store them well.

    Don't neglect eBay as a place to buy though... even if the eBay stores are just selling chinese crap, you get people flogging all sorts of brands in mint-condition for great prices.
  3. Look at a 3/8 socket set. The size refered to is the drive "square" on the ratchet. I have heaps of tools, mainly use snap on, but i am an ex motor mechanic so probably put my tools through much more than you would just fixing a few bikes. Brands like Kinchrome, sidchrome, snap-on etc are good. Snap-on is pretty expensive though. Go to some tool shops and just suss out what you want, and keep you eyes out for sales.

  4. yeah dads always used sidchrome - until i borrowed it and left it in the boot of the car (car got stolen)
    Yeah i was thinking about going sidchrome or kingchrome but my bros father in law is a mechanic and gets his tools for cheap - wartul or something like that - german brand. I need to suss out how much they are first but am i right in paying about 100-150 for a socket set?
  5. This is the one I've got: Sidchrome & under $100

    I've added a 1/2" adaptor [about $11 from Bunnings, I think] and that's it.
  6. theres also these ones ive found kincrome [/url]
  7. It's a solid set, I know I have on more than one occasion appreciated the longer extension and the universal joint in the Sidchrome set though.

    ... which of course ARE things you can buy for the Kingchrome set individually later on.

    Up to you. What's your local hardware store stock?
  8. Well I got a Stanley socket set for about $50 does the job fantastic both metric and imperial. I don't just work on bikes.

    On the spanner front I tend to buy them one by one as I need them, as I can't afford to buy a set at once. Have got a 23mm for the rear axle nuts and some smaller ones as well. I get Sidchrome have tried other brands but ya canna hand a man a granna spanna! :grin:
  9. ZZR250 comes with toolset with everything necessary for it, so I'm set :cool: + special spot underneath the seat for it. Shame theres not much room for anything else...
  10. I bought one of these.

    Nearly everything you need for general maintenance for anything. Bloody excellent for the price.

    I payed $149 for it mid last year :facepalm: and I thought that was a good buy. Well worth it at this price!

    EDIT: fixed link.

    Don't waste your tool budget on a hyper-expensive socket set. Top tools like Snap-On, Teng and Hazet (anything German really) are beautiful and indestructible, but you pay for that high polish and slimness.

    Get a 1/4 and 3/8ths combination set in a mid-range brand like Kingchrome. These won't round your fasteners, which is the main drawback of cheap tools. Phizog, you WILL destroy the small round bits on your bike using the ultra-cheap kit tools. Also, on a motorcycle, you rarely have to remove a large bolt that's impossibly tight: which is where a car or truck mechanic might need the super-quality.

    The reason to buy 1/4 and 3/8ths is because the size of the tools encourages you to use the right amount of force- an 8mm bolt doesn't need to be that tight... and with the mechanical advantage of a large ratchet handle it's hard to judge.

    Now, with the money you saved buy a few really good tools: I have a Teng Tools adjustable C-spanner, and a Snap On knuckle tool: sort of a spanner handle with a 10mm socket on one end, and a 12mm on the other. The 'sockets' pivot and the tool is super-useful, but cost me about $75. Gas-powered soldering irons, T-handle allen keys, chain breakers.... there's lots and lots to buy in the end so don't waste money- but don't use crap on your bike, either.
  12. If you are after something that will do the job and not costly and you are in Melbourne...Check out Nightingale (corner of Spencer and Dudley St). I pickup a reasonably good quality socket set for $15. Very happy with it.

    They have all kinds of stuff in there, tools, electrical, tractors, lawn movers etc.
  13. THANKS for all the advise.

    I ended up getting a 2 sets
    a 1/4" drive set
    4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13mm and some other bits and peices
    and also a 3/8" drive set
    8mm, 10mm, 12mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mm,17mm,18mm,19mm

    both sidchrome and got the both for under 100 - $89 exactly
  14. Oh and my next buy which a friend highly recomends is a torque wrench. Only thing i really used one is when im tightening the oil filter and sump plug

    Tools are addictive
  15. I got loads of tools since getting the bike. Got two sets of socket sets. I recomend that u get the 6 straight edged ones, causes the other ones that have those little teeth seem to chew the edges of bolts that can be a real pain.
    Just got a impact driver about 2 days ago, it works a treat on those really stiff screws. and also on thoses ones that have no thread.
    Got a torque wrench on its way. For a bike u dont really need a super expensive one with very high capacity torque ability since most motorcycle bolts require relativly low torque.
  16. nice buy
  17. I lurve tools.

    You will be amazed how little you have to actually tighten bolts up on a bike when you start using a Torque wrench. I wished I had bought one earlier as all my previous bike I had WAAAYYYY over tightened just about every bolt on them.

    My next purchase will be some half decent T-Piece sockets and Allen keys.

    I love my little set of Supatool (Low quality) 1/4 inch drive sockets. I can just about take apart the entire motorcycle with this little set. Given me 6 faultless years of service at only around 60 bucks. Not great for any high torque stuff though but Heinz G was spot on saying using the right size tool prevents this happening.
  18. My 2c
    Sidchrome, Stanley, and Kingchrome all have lifetime warranties (or did when my dad worked at Gasweld 2 years ago).

    The difference between Stanley and Sidchrome is that Siddies get chromed up all shiny.... Dad has Kingchrome tools and are all the same as mine... My mate has stanley apprentice set and virtually same also....

    You should be able to find an apprentice set for under $1000 for any of those three brands, I got a Sidchrome set for $900 (Chest, 2x socet sets, imp + metric comb. spanner, ring spanners, adjustables, hex keys, testing screwdriver, o/e spanners, vice grips, screwdriver set etc. etc.