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Tools - seeking recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. No not the names of people who think are tools ....but

    I am considering buying a toolset.
    Spanners, screw drivers, socket set, hammers, pliers etc etc

    It has been about 20 years since I have bought any tools so I am looking for some recommendations of what's good and also what to steer clear of.
    I see brands like Stanley and Sidchrome are still around .... Any good ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I lean towards Sidchrome when presented with the choice. Not sure why, they just feel better quality.

    But.. having said that, I only ever buy the tools I cannot borrow off a neighbour, family or friends.. I figure, if they have it and not using it, why can't I borrow it for the odd job. I always return them as soon as finish - keeps a good reputation for next time :grin:
  3. For a tool set I'd say go to a real tool shop, not a general hardware store, and see what they have.

    For the tools I have I'd say my favourite brand is SP, but also like Kincrome. Depending on how much you want to spend it costs $1000-$3000 for a kit. Spanners, sockets, hammer, screw drivers, pretty much a good starting point for full kit.

    I replaced the SP and Kincrome with links, not ads.
  4. Places like Total Tools are a good start too. I tend to find what I am looking for here.
  5. Whoa.. their SP Pro Series 202pc MM/SAE Tool Kit is like 25% off the rrp ! nice one! (y)
  6. My tool kit is around 600 piece, I can't buy any more for awhile.

    8 sets of metric sockets, 5 sets of metric spanners, etc. List kinda goes on. Got so many different brands.
  7. from decades back all I remember is Sidchrome, still got some tools that werent pinched/ not returned etc, I am talking about spanners and sockets I bought say bout 30 years ago at least!!
  8. Sidchrome are still reasonable quality but are now a mid-level consumer brand, I think. Repco brand tools for ring spanners and such are also pretty good - they must be, the (*%@@ mechanic that serviced my Subaru thought it was worth souveniring the one I kept in the centre console (for tightening my fan belts while waiting for a new engine pulley). I think they have different levels of quality.
  9. Total Tools Industry (TTI) are pretty good. I have only bought TTI tools because they have a life time warranty and for their price, it's bang for buck IMO.

    I bought my first tool kit from them about 5 years ago to work on my car. No tools broken and everything is the way it should be. Have built up a few spanner, socket kits since and can't fault them. I think they have gone up in price though, however during their specials, you can get some decent deals for a complete kit.

    I also use their engine crane, trolley jack and jack stands on the car without issues. Love the crane...can hoist the bike up with it :D
  10. TTI are pretty good for their price.
    Repco & Snap-On are made in the same factory! :)
    I've got Kingchrome at home & use Reco at work.
    A set of 1/2" sockets, 3/8" sockets, a good set of 3/8" deep 6 point sockets & a set of combination spanners should see you right for nuts & bolts.
    A Stanley screwdriver set, impact driver, couple of hammers & a mash hammer.
    Various pliers & the all important torque wrench!
    Just buy the best tools you can afford & build your kit up as you need. :)
  11. Lately I have been replacing worn out or broken spanners with 'Calibre' brand from supercrap, nice feel to them and dont seem to bend easy even with extra leverage slipped over the free end :angel:

    Try to stay away from the unstamped or Chinese tools, you may get one or two uses out of them before they spread or chew out if your lucky.
  12. K.C tools are pretty good but up there in price
  13. mmmmmm mash hammer
  14. Triumph tool!!
  15. you betchya
  16. allso very good to pickup sheelas
  17. Tool of many talents :D
    Just don't drag them by their feet, they fill up with sand.
  18. Stalhwille are very good (and pricey). Strong with comfortable shafts and thin shells on ring spanners (good in areas with small clearance around bolt heads and nuts). I have a set of TTI combination spanners and while they are good I don't like the sharp edged shafts. Old Sidchrome were very good, but the Sidchrome of today are quite different. Lobster do a good spanner if you can find them (Japanese I think).
  19. What are you hoping to do with the tools Mick ?
  20. Have a few KC item, not too happy with them. Got a 72 tooth ratched from them, but don't really like the feel of it.