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Tools for Replacing Clutch Cable

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cam77, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Anyone have an idea whether special tools are needed to replace a clutch cable?


  2. I changed my clutch cable a few weeks ago. All I needed were a couple of spanners (forgot the size but small ones) and some grease for the new cable. Too easy
  3. Swoooiiiit.

    Thanks for that :)
  4. sorry dude... I forgot to mention the difference between our bikes. Honda Spadas might use different tools, although as far as i have heard its pretty straightforward for all bikes. hope it works out.

    I just made sure I put it back the same way it came out. in the past I have taken stuff off without making a note of it and taken hours to figure out how to put them back. :? ](*,)
  5. OK I did the changeover. Was pretty easy actually. Getting the cable on involved taking off the clutch lever.

    Basically for the Spada all that was needed was
    - spanner set
    - screwdriver
    - making sure you know the path the cable goes around the engine before taking out the old one.
    - VB longneck for afterwards.

    Got the cable for $20 from Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers (2nd hand of course but if this one goes I will buy new next time).

    The labour: $0.

    Too easy.
  6. when you undo the old cable (usually the handle bar end), you just tape the opposite end (usually the clutch end) of the new cable to it before you pull it through. That way it is automatically correctly routed. :wink:

    Serious long distance riders will often run two new cables through taped together so a spare cable is already in place.
  7. A second hand cable cost me 45$....new was 75$. So i gues 20$ is a really good price.

    two cables at the sametime eh? that is a good idea. saves all the trouble if it breaks on the ride.thanks

    my cable snapped halfway thru a roundabout....scared the shit out of me :eek:hno: ... and then kicking down into neutral hoping it wouldnt go past into 1st was another experience without a clutch. peak hour traffic--three lane roundabout.
  8. hehe, I had to change the clutch cable on my GPX a few weeks ago. 2nd hand from sumoto (in very bad condition and too short) was going to be $55, new from my local Kawasakai dealer was only $27!
  9. I need to replace the clutch cable on my spada as it looks like it's about to snap - called ps today from work and was told they ain't made anymore and would have to get one from a wreckers as they had aftermarket ones but didn't really recommend them :(

    Now my question is, what do I need to look out for when I get one from the wreckers? Frayed ends? I'm not too sure so any help would be appreciated before I fire off a request at find-a-part...

    Cheers .. Jules
  10. Buy an aftermarket one, from somewhere that knows what the hell they are talking about! No offence to anyone, but second hand cables is like second hand tyres. You might luck out, but you never know what has happened in it's past.....
    My Z had aftermarket cables, and they were fine for as long as I had the bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Thanks Andrew - I was thinking the same thing, it didn't really seem to make sense buying used, just have to wait till monday and pick one up in the city during lunch...
  12. All else fails, tkae the old one into a cable repairer and get it made for you. May cost a little more, but it's an option. I'm surprised such a basic item isn't made any more for such a popular bike.
  13. For all you Spada owners out there I gave Honda Australia Motorcycle & Power Equipment a call and was given the part no for a vt250 cable that some dealers have been using as an alternative:


    I've got one on order from Redwing in Heidelberg - Jack who I spoke to in parts was very helpful. It's gonna be about 2 weeks though and I need to commute so I might have to make do with one from the wreckers in the meanwhile. I'll give an update when the new cable comes in.