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Toolkit Register

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by boingk, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all, just thought that this would be a good place to start a toolkit thread/register. Nothing fancy, just something for those of us who feel a little bit better by taking more than just the manufacturers included items with us...which, lets face it, can be pretty spartan. Feel free to post your setup, including any 'unique' items you take. Include what bike it is for, and trip length if applicable. I reckon this'll be a good start for newbies wondering what to include for a given bike...

    2001 Aprilia RS125

    8, 10, 11, 13mm spanners
    Spark plug socket spanner
    Allen key set (whole shebang)
    Flat & Phillips head screwdrivers
    Plier grip thingys
    Spare spark plug (new in box)
    Button-cell LED light (for fiddly areas or night breakdown)

    For longer trips (200km+) I'd include...

    Small (0.5~1L) bottle of 2-stroke oil
    Small can of chain lube
    Small can of WD40
    Puncture kit (plug & CO2 inflator)
    1 emergency beer

    The basic list will easily fit in the under-tail section of your bike, accessed by removing the riders seat (keyed lock on left side) and lifting up the bum-stop. It should be with your bike at all times, and there is a bungy securing point inside to suit. The rest would probably fit in there as well, although if you're thinking it'd be easier to include in a backpack/tankbag/pannier then do that instead. A cheap and easy way of keeping the tools together is with a pencil case.

    If you feel like it, also include a few clip ties and some duct tape. These things never go astray and always seem to have some sort of use. A rag for petrol/oil spills and what-have-you may also come in handy. Radiator-sealing compound can be carried if you're that pessimistic...although I don't like these things I'm sure it'd get you out of a pinch if the need arose. I honestly can't think of anything else that would really be needed. Mobile phone and NRMA card are handy for longer trips, but thats about it.

    Cheers all - boingk
  2. The only tool on my bike is me lol, because i didnt get a toolkit with it and cant fit much under my seat but i should probably get a little kit together just in case.

    Good post. :biker:
  3. I only have the standard kit that came with the bike (sits in under the seat next to the battery) and I also carry a punture kit consisting of two screw in plugs and about 4 small CO2 cannisters.

    Problem with carrying tools is that you then have to know what to do with them!!
  4. it's safer for me not to carry tools.
  5. I just carry a pocket knife.
    It's all I need.
  6. A hand grenade has 1000 uses, Joel. You should pack one.
  7. I always carry a metric shifter.
  8. The problem with a metric shifter is that it may only fit metric bolts/nuts while they are pristine.

    If the heads have been worn to a non-metric size then a metric shifter may no longer fit, or worse be a sloppy fit and contribute to further wear and ultimate rounding of the heads.

    Once bolts/nuts have worn to a non-metric size a metric shifter is of dubious value. Consequently you are better off using a universal shifter.
  9. I just checked my car toolkit. My shifter is metric at one end, and imperial at the other end. yeah, one of those fancy double ended ones. Hand me worried though, I hate rounding bolts.
  10. *WD-40
    *Duct tape
  11. /\ Pretty sure you'll still need a hammer Seany :wink:
  12. All I carry on top of my standard kit with my RS is a spark plug and a cheap nasty adjustable mini wrench. The default tool kit is pretty complete.

    Can't fit anything else under my seat tho. I would love to be able to carry a bike cover, or my D-Lock. A mini torch would be a decent idea too I suppose, and of course 2T oil... but it isn't going to happen. I'm not going to get a tankbag as it is too comfortable to ride full tuck at speed. Maybe a tail bag, but I wouldn't mind a way to stick a GPS on (a la clear tankbag).
  13. The really fancy ones are 3 ended. Metric, AF and Witworth.
  14. Yeah, don't worry... I have a hammer. :wink:

    Steel handled job with some good weight behind it. It comes in handy for providing gentle encoargement when things don't move as easily as I'd like. :)

    Edit: A rubber mallet comes in handy when you need to thump the shit out of something gently and the back of an axe takes care of the real big jobs. :)
  15. I have 2 different size torx keys under the seat.

    I did find the tool kit from my firestorm the other day.

    Anyone need a tool kit for a firestorm?