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VIC Toolangi kangaroos

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by twistngo, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. There's a farkin big kangaroo around Toolangi that I've encountered a few times recently but so far not hit. He's been on the road between Toolangi and the Melba. So be careful out that way, especially in the mornings.

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  2. Lol must be related to the entire posse of them that keep jumping in front of me while mountain biking downhills!
  3. I found a dead Kangaroo near Kenilworth the other day , so take care in that area of Sunshine Coast ( between Maleny and Kenilworth).
  4. Why, is it a zombie Kangaroo?

    Edit: Someone should make a movie about zombie kangaroos..
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  5. Zombie Kangaroos - the thought is terrifying - what about zombie koalas and wombats as co stars?
  6. The kiwis made a movie about zombie sheep...so us Aussies should make one about kangaroos...
  7. And the Yanks made this:
  8. All koalas are zombies anyway aren't they?
  9. Zombie Beavers?? Is that the same as junkie hookers?

    Expect to get banned after this!
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  10. Hahaha, I'm surprised your post even made it up with out exploding (or at least a tasering...)!
  11. "Toolangi Kangaroos" is the topic folks !

    chillibutton : consider this a friendly reminder..
  12. Lol no worries..

    Hmm. No emoticons that I can find on iPhone with new look NR.
  13. I hit a 'roo 4 years ago on an FZ6,wasnt a pleasant experience !