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Tool Kit - What do you put in it ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Nixy V3, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. I'm curious what items are essential for the "onboard tool kit" and also what scenarios I would need to use these in etc. :? Any advice ?

  2. I have a tool to undo every different sized bolt/screw on the bike, cable ties (Lots and lots of cable ties :LOL: ), electrical tape, a knife, spark plug tool and a tyre pressure gauge.
  3. Hammer, Gaffa Tape & WD40. :wink:

    (Oh and a mobile phone in case none of the above work)
  4. In addition to the standard bike tool kit I carry 100mph tape, cable ties, a tubeless tyre puncture repair kit, a tyre pressure gauge and an RACV motorcycle care membership (the last one is the essential bit!) :)
  5. A torch is a good idea if you ever plan on riding at night - that seems to be when things are most likely to fall off/break/whatever (usually also when you're somewhere without street lighting) :).
  6. Don't forget hand pump if you have tyre repair kit in the toolbox.
  7. Thanks :grin: especially like the cable ties and torch ideas - very handy !
  8. the zzr has good underseat storage, so I can throw in a pair of throwaway wet weather pants just in case the weather turns to crap... gaffa tape is also my friend, spare occies and and old pair of emergency sunnies.......
  9. Basic first aid kit, paracetamol, lip balm and spare change for a phone call/petrol - I do have a mobile but it can't always be used. Right now most of this is stuffed into my jacket along with other sundry items/tools as I don't have any on-board storage.
  10. Actually the tubeless tyre repair kit I carry has 3 disposable nitrogen cylinders in it. No need for a hand pump with that type (much less space taken up too).
  11. tools ?
    in a tool kit ?
    on a VTR250 ???? . . . .i'd like to see that !! :?
  12. can tell mickyb was never a boy scout lol "be prepared" and all that :wink:
  13. On the contrary people think i'm a boy-scout ! :cool:

    I'm refering to the zero luggage space under the VTR seat.
    I went out and bought a external HDD enclosure thinking it can fit snug under my seat !

    WRONG ! . . . ended up putting it under my jacket and got gevasco who I met later on to lug it in his ventura pack ! :LOL:
  14. Interesting question.

    Over time - I've sort of accidentally accumulated a bunch of stuff that's become my standard on board kit... all in the pillion storage area...

    - standard ZX9 tool kit
    - Tyre pressure gauge
    - Spare fuses
    - occy straps
    - string
    - tyre puncture repair kit and CO2 bottles
    - pen
    - disc lock
    - combination lock chain
    - Helmet bag
    - Neck warmer
    and usually the mobile and wallet unless I have the tank bag.

    It's pretty full in there!

    The tank bag usually comes along on any decent ride and includes a bunch of other stuff including a first aid kit.

    The first aid kit became standard kit after the korumburra lemmings incident...

    If you don't have any storage space, consider getting a tank or seat bag... seat bag probably better.


  15. Set of allen keys
    Stubby flat head and phillips head screw drivers
    a roll of elec tape
    roll of teflon tape
    cigarette lighter

    Thats what sits in the "hand bag" compartment of my across.
  16. theres not one situation were you will need need anything else haha :LOL:
  17. A really big G-clamp.
  18. :shock: Is that why G is so fast on a bike... always running away from you???

  19. 5 minute araldite can be useful and i also carry spare taillight and indicator globe.
  20. The pencil sized Maglites are fasntastic. Tiny and very bright for the size of them.