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Tool kit missing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kalavo, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Purchased a '09 CB400 with the tool bag missing. Is it worth trying to replace with OEM or better off getting similar tools elsewhere?

    Have plenty of tools at home.. is it even worth keeping any on the bike or just throw in a puncture repair kit and a pump, and everything else can probably make it home?


  2. Depends on whether you intend to tour or not. If touring I at least would have tools wit the ability to remove wheels, tighten chain and adjust suspension. Also probably the ability to swap a battery if necessary.
  3. I have roadside assist from the RACV and don't worry about a tool kit (the street triple didn't come with one). If I go touring I put a few cable ties and various bits and pieces in my bag.
  4. rule of thumb i use,
    any tool u use to service the bike, keep in a toolkit.
    this way u gradually build what you need. (should end up with a sparkplug wrench, the spanners for the most common size bolts, a screw driver and pliers plus cableties)
    anything requireing more specialised tooling, youre not going to be able to fix by the side of the road
  5. OEM Toolkits are usually pretty basic and pretty poor quality and being OEM probably also pretty expensive.

    I'd simply use the tools from home.