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Took the plunge - 2015 Honda VFR800F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Pjcliffo, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. image. image. Hi all, I've been looking to replace my much loved street triple with something to do more touring. Finally took the plunge on a great deal. 2015 Homda vfr800f with 1600 kms and all the touring gear and still under warranty. Paid 2/3rds of what they paid new. It was for his wife to go touring with him but she changed her mind!
    Had a great test ride and that convinced me to buy. Felt at home immediately. What a smooth sweet bike. I bought it immediately and rode it home 160kms. A nice way to get acquainted.
    Very different to the street triple but it's for a different purpose and I wanted a change.
    Took my first pillion on it tonite and went well.

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  2. Looks great :) Congrats on the bike :)
  3. Noice. Good to see a black one(y)
  4. Lucky stiff!!!!
  5. A very tried and true machine. All day comfort, Honda reliability and good at most things. Nothing to dislike about a Viffer.
  6. Nice! Wanting to get a tourer myself in addition to the sportsbike. Might be a goer
  7. image. Amok the nice thing is the panniers just clip off and your left with a pretty sporty bike. It's like 2 bikes in one, but I will miss the triple when it goes.
  8. Those 800s sure are nice bikes. I think if I had the cash and one popped up I could have easily gone that way.
  9. Sweet looking ride (y)
  10. Very nice bike the VFRs. My first was a VFR750. Beautiful ride through corners, plus great on open road.