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took the leap

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adinfinitum, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    wasn't going to, not being one prone to boast, but have to share with others who'll appreciate.

    I just put a deposit on my new ride


    it's '06 plated but brand new and got over $2,500 off the top for this. Bought it based on a test ride of the '07 - Z750 and couldn't stop smiling for days. Argued with my better half for a week (not because of money, but because she's jealous that she has to wait for at least 10 months to upgrade) before putting a deposit down last week.

    Was considering the 750 - plenty enough power for me and beautifully balanced, but couldn't pass up the deal on the Z1000, only a few hundred more than the current 750. I also prefer the style of the '06 to the current.

    Should pick up in 2 weeks when my tax cheque clears then I'll boast, I mean post some more.
  2. Congratulations :grin: Nice bike that! I've been talking to a mate recently who says this is the next bike he is buying. It's definitely a damn fine bike. Once it arrives I hope you write up a few good stories about your first rides on it. Grin ear to ear baabeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. yeah congrats- always liked the look of these things... i think they carry on the tradition of tough kawasakis well :grin:
  4. yeah congrats- always liked the look of these things... i think they carry on the tradition of tough kawasakis well :grin:
  5. Congratulations. New bike time is a huge buzz so soak it up :)
  6. I was considering one a Z1000 when I was shopping for an upgrade.
    A store selling Kawasakis in Ringwood had an 06 plate one with some aftermarket bits on it for $12500 plus on road.
    Wanted to get it but 2 things detered me.

    One was it felt a little high. SomethingI've overcome.

    Second and main reason was the guy I spoke to made me feel like I was wasting his time.

    Woulda loved one.
  7. Very nice, I did the same thing and bought a 06 plated brand new. Glad I went 1000 instead of 650. Hope you get the best out of her.
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, I'm on a buzz right now and haven't even picked it up. Just in time for the spring riding season though.

    I had the exact opposite experience ninjas, I liked the high riding position, I just don't feel right on a pure sports bike. Also, the little shop I bought it from is where my fiance bought her ER5 - and will probably upgrade to an ER6 when she can. I found them honest and straight up. I started dealing with them even though I bought my Suzuki from a shop down the road. It was the difference between bike enthusiasts who sell bikes and salesmen who like bikes - if you catch my meaning.
  9. The seat height issue was more a worry for me as I use the bike as a daily ride in and out of the city, lane filtering etc.
    Was worried a bout having to tip toe to balance the bike and walk it between tight spaces.
  10. Nice ride!

    I test rode one of these not long back, when I was shopping around for a bigger bike. The Z1000 is loads of fun, really - and sounds great with Micron pipes! Almost bought one. Almost. ;)
  11. I've heard some on youtube with various pipes - sounds great. But I haven't seen anything that looks better than the standard twin gold pipes. Don't know if I want to change.

    Of course, give me a few months or so and the need to mod will kick in no doubt.
  12. congratz mate have fun :grin:
  13. Very tasty. Enjoy.

    Should have my new ride next week.