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Took a while..

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Schwalbe, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. ..Got there eventually.

    '04 VTR. :D


    Went for a ride out Wyaralong (sp?) near Beaudesert.

  2. Looks nice in red.

    I see you've got an "alzheimer's strap" too :LOL:
  3. Very nice looking bike. I love the colour combination - Red with Gold rims.
  4. looks good! considering one of these myself. Hows it go?
  5. Very nice!
  6. LOL @ alzeimers strap, didn't know they were called that. I have an orange one just like it.
    Bike does look good in red.
  7. Nice ride & 10% faster in red :)
  8. Waaaaiitttt a second, did you get this bike from Springfield Lakes?
  9. Alzheimers strap.. Love it

    @ Sparks
    Rather fine, easy and forgiving, light, apt 250 power level. Could do with a 6-speed box.

    @ parker
    Quite possibly :cool:
  10. If it was, let me know? Was saving for it :shock: I can move on and buy else where!

    Nice bike btw :p
  11. nice bike. Enjoy.