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Took a parrot to the head at speed. New helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mariner, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Out for a ride in the country, enjoying the scenery and long bends at a bit over $1.00 when a kamikaze parrot tried to take me out. Made a huge bang as it slammed into the helmet and somersaulted down the road, and me going "what the ...?"

    Cannot get a new parrot, but should I get a new helmet? Is this like dropping a helmet from a small height and damaging the integrity of the inner liner?
  2. Firstly dropping your helmet from a small height is a bit of BS. Your helmet is made of high density foam that needs to be struck by a sigmificant force, say the weight of your body moving at speed to compress. Dropping your helmet will not cause this to compress. It can do damage to the shell but this is unlikely going to cause significant increase in risk.

    I can't see a parrot having enough momentum to compress the foam. They wouldn't weigh more than 100 g so the momentum of the collision even if going straight into each other would be a fraction of what a helmet requires to compress. And significantly less than a drop.
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  3. Is this this the new 'cornering tax' I have hearing about?

    I think your helmet will be fine but it's down to how you feel.

    I had a bird crash into my helmet once, never took her out again.........

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  4. i've taken 2 owls to the chest in the past and a bat to the helmet... and I'd take the Owl to the chest over a bat to the helmet any day of the week, but on inspection there was no difference between my helmet and a new one on the shelf. If your not trusting of the helmet get a new one. Personally I believe you should be ok.
  5. You should be OK. A helmet is designed to withstand 10k+ newtons of impact force. A 500g parrot is unlikely to impact with more than 40 - 60 Newtons. Even if you were doing 100 "cough cough" speed.
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  6. Unless the visor was damaged and you could see other defects I'd probably say that your helmet is fine..

    Now a wombat to a front wheel.. thats a whole different story!!

    Although it's a pretty good excuse you have now..

    Someone: So you want to come to the pub/movies/nightclub tonight
    You: Yeah i'd love to but i took a parrot to the head.. ;-)
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  7. If this thread degenerates into a bunch of monty python quotes it'll be thread bans for the lot of you.
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  8. Was it a Norwegian Blue?
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  10. Why not.....
    Do we know the health of the parrot, is it an ex parrot or is it, in fact, just resting.

    I'll get me coat.
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  11. My work here is done.
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  13. Thanks for the feedback. Had to restrain myself from the obvious parrot jokes. SimighSimigh great line: never took her out again
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  14. Or an African Grey? (NSFW)