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Took a big step on the weekend!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rahrox, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    This might sound silly to some but I am very excited. On the weekend I went on my first 'ride'! It was a 60km round trip. I think I am finally starting to like riding!! Hubby says I will be almost ready to give up the GN250 and start riding my Virago!!!
    I did at one point have about 6 cars behind me but I thought 'stuffem' and as hubby said "that why you have an L plate on the back, just make them wait and ride at your own pace"

    I am loving Netrider as I picking up heaps of hints and often reminding myself whilst riding.
    Thank you all for boosting my confidences :grin: .


  2. congrats on your first trip..... funny thing is you will most likely always remember it :LOL:
  3. Well done. Just make them wait. You have every right to do what you're doing :)
    Is the Virago a step up or down from the GN? :p
  4. Congratulations, it's a great feeling getting out on the bike and covering a bit of distance.
  5. Decent first ride.

    Mine was about a 3 short rides due to weather etc

    Then did a pretty full on trip including chasing a mate on his R1 and through the city on my first real ride. It was the same day I filtered as well

    I would say give it 1-2000 KLM's before going up.
  6. Good stuff...keep it up
  7. Hey Rah, Congrats ... Keep up the good work! Maybe we can go riding together some Sunday arvo as Im from Deer Park about 20 minutes form BM. My hubby doesnt always want to go riding with me but me being fresh at this Im full of enthusiasim.

  8. Good work!!:grin:

    give me a PM in a couple of weeks if you want to go for a ride.

    Moving to your area in the next week or so.
  9. down in my opinion. :p

    well done rah, where abouts did you go?
  10. Thank you all for your encouragement!

    2wheelsagain - I think the Virago will be a step up, it is the Bike that got me into this whole bike riding!

    Cam229 - I went to Gisborne which is about a 60km round trip.

    Drew - Wow you are moving to BM. That will be great to have some more riders that can ride with me or Mr Rah.

    Greenrider - I would love to take you up on your offer for a ride one Sunday. I am like you full of energy to go go go! Even though I have been on my Ls for nearly a year I am just starting to enjoy riding. I am finally relaxing and having Fun

    Thanks Again every one

  11. Sounds great Rah!! Just give us a PM when your thinking of heading out on a Sunday and we can meet up somewhere in BM, say Macca's??? Maybe even one day MR Rah and Mr Greenrider might tag along too ... lol
  12. I think you have met Mr Rah already. He was on the Daylesford last month. but then again there was alot of people that day.

  13. Hi Rah!! I sent you a reply PM, did you get it?? not sure If i pressed the right Button ..... lol