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Took a 675 for a test ride today

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by [FLUX], Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Test-rode a 675 today.

    They only gave me a 15 minute ride, and had a guy leading me around on a Buell with a faulty gearbox, and the tyres were completely shot. Not the best start. Tipped it into a roundabout, rolled off the squared off middle of the tyres and the bike almost fell on its side. Basically the tyres were worn such that you either entered in fully committed, or pussy-footed around. There was no in-between.

    Somewhat surprising to me was that I was in no real discomfort at all. Felt completely relaxed and comfortable on the bike. Could feel it working the wrist a bit, but in a good way, such as it'd help my wrist to get stronger, as opposed to just causing pain. Ankle felt fine and worked well.

    Bike is amazingly narrow and feels very light compared to the old R1. Mid-range is phenomenal for a 675cc bike. You'd think you were on a litre bike the way it just grunts around. Even 6th gear at 60kph through traffic didn't cause it any bother. Where it's different is in the top-end rush. There isn't one. It's just a linear power delivery, yet (naturally) lacks the arm-socket ripping top-end power of a strong litre bike. This also makes it very deceptive. It'll get you to a high speed quite quickly without you realising it. Reminded me very much of a V2 in the way it does its job, and for me, that's a good thing. You can be lazy with it, or you can work it if you're so inclined.

    The air-box on the motor makes a fantastic growl when you wick it up a bit. Haven't heard anything like it outside of a Kawasaki, and for me that's important. I love that air-box growl sound.

    Light, smooth, grunty, comfortable, fast, lithe. I really enjoyed it.

    I asked them to call me back for another ride, this time heading up to Beaconsfield way to at least test it out on a few corners, and with tyres that are less shagged, and they might just have a buyer. I'll see what they come back with.
  2. Great to see you back on a bike Stew, even if only for a test ride. Tiga let me ride her bike last year for 20mins and I immediately impressed with it. If I hadn't disovered how nice it is to be naked, the 675 would have been on my list. Lovely bike, great looks, still a little bit different and the sound! When Katherine was at the last track day, not only did it look like she was going a million miles an hour, it sounded it too.

    So when do you pick it up :p
  3. I can pretty much agree with everything you've said there. Except that any sportsbike is now a comfort challenge for me :cry:
    Interesting that you felt it was like a V2 - I personally likened it to a V4, but I know what you mean (and the growl, too :) )
  4. Triples are a half way house between inline 4's and twins in their power delivery.

    Most twin riders I've known who try one say something like "they sort of feel like a 4" and most four riders I've known who try one say something like "they sort of feel like a twin".

    Well I disagree with both camps... they feel like a triple :)

    They have a linear power delivery with stronger midrange than most fours and stronger top end than most twins :p
  5. Oddly enough, have never ridden a V4. Yes, maybe more like a V4? Has more top-end go than a V2. I'd say like a V2 in mid-range, yet not quite as grunty, and I-4 like response in the upper-end, but without the surge. If that's what a V4 is like, then yeah, like that. The best of both worlds, or just what a triple feels like?

    Whatever way you slice it, it works well.
  6. What do they want for one on road?
  7. What they want, which is NOT what I'm prepared to give them, is $16200 ride-away. At that price they can go take a flying leap.
  8. Thanks cejay, it's good to be back riding. I was surprised at how comfortable I was with it, even with the injuries still not fully healed.

    I'd say that I'm still around 5 weeks or so away from really being ready to ride again, but was pleased to know that even now with the partly restricted movement due to my wrist injury, its not going be a big deal.

    Still feeling a little bit vulnerable at the moment, but it wasn't quite as scary as I thought it might be. The bracing that motorcycle boots give really helped with the ankle in its present sore state.
  9. If you're finding the position a bit too 'agressive', you could always wait for the Street Triple to come out at the end of the year, same bike (not quite, but very similar), no fairings and a more upright seating position! :grin:
  10. I don't find it too aggressive at all. I just have a broken wrist that's only 2/3's healed so far.
  11. I can't see Stew going naked, he has a propensity for extreme speeds at the racetrack.

    Great to hear you're back at it mate, and buying the 675 will provide you with another incentive to drop those pounds you've been working on!
  12. :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Buy a Gixxer! You know it makes sense.
  13. Yes, completely trouble-free operation from what I hear. :p
  14. Fair enough.
  15. Problems with the GSXR?
  16. Had a problem with the clutch which is known "characteristic" of the model. It was rectified by replacing the original clutch spring with one from a GSXR 750 K6. The other problem was with the immobilizer. It would periodically not switch off thereby not allowing the bike to start. The cause of the problem was a Ford Territory key upsetting the bikes electronics, so I removed the Territory's key from my key ring and all is well. I haven't had another problem with the bike in the last 15,000km.
  17. Looks like the best price I'll be able to get a 675 for is $15700 ride-away.
  18. Have you considered looking at (low mileage) second hand 675s? Maybe that might be more attractive price wise?
  19. Have you considered a Jap 600 which can be had for at least a couple of grand cheaper?
  20. Price is not THAT much of an issue for me. I just like to get a good deal and am after the best price I can get. Last time I bought a brand new bike was around 10 years ago. I just finished paying off the house. This bike is a reward for me.

    ...and then it'd be just like every other Jap 600 on the road. I'd like something that's not the "everyday", and I also like the 675's mid-range. "Why not a litre bike then?" I guess you'd ask, but I'm also interested in a lighter bike with exceptional handling. This will be my road bike. I don't need litre bike power for the public road, especially not when a bike like the 675 has the mid-range grunt that it has. No other Jap 600's have that sort of seamless wave of torque like the 675 has.

    The other bikes that appeal to me would be the Aprilia Tuono, or the Ducati Hypermotard, or the 1098S, or the KTM Superduke. Problem with all of those is that they are not really light nimble machines (in comparison to the 675). If the rumoured Ducati 888 made an appearance, that'd be high up my list of desired bikes too.