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Too young to get my son into bikes?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by port80, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. [img:600:450:7905b2d7e0]http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q184/port80/tainan_bike.jpg[/img:7905b2d7e0]

    I'm determined to get him to say 'bike' before he's one.
  2. :LOL: cute pick, but ummm word of warning, your playin with fire there.
    The mrs may not to be happy with his first word being 'bike' instead of 'mum
  3. By the time he's two he will be leaning into it and yelling wahooo..


    That's Cooper, my grandson and fourth generation rider..... my apologies for the piccie, his father has poor taste in bikes.. :LOL:
  4. Lovin it!
    Get some little knee sliders made up and kit him out.

    My daughter can say bike, she's 18 months. Problem is she thinks every motorbike that goes past is me!

    What's his name?

  5. Well he does say Mum, but only when he's upset, otherwise it's Daaaad daaaad dadad all day long. By first word I meant first word that isn't mum or dad.
  6. My son CJ.


    Bah!!! lost the ability to use a computer. Link wont work
  7. Love it :grin: Hopefully he'll be yelling out 'Faster Dad, Fasterrrrrrr'.

    :LOL: Tainan (pictured), my son is 11 months. I'd love to sew some leather patches on one of his suits and get some fake sponsor patches attached.

    Have you had your daughter on the bike (not for a ride or anything)?

    My daughter Ayla is 2 and a bit, she can identify a sports bike from a cuiser and a dirt bike. We read magazines together, she points at a bike (usually something red shiney and expensive) and says 'Daddy's motorbike', I know someday she'll be rich and she'll buy me a whole garage of motorbikes.
  8. Was about our kids third or forth word :)
  9. The first time my daughter saw me put the lid on she panicked,
    Then she'd run to Mum, when I started the bike. (it's loud)
    Now she'll run to the door when I pull up, the kids can hear me half a block away.
    And if I get too close with the visor up, she'll poke me in the eye.
    Thinks its hilarious.

    Actually so do I.

  10. our Lachy love my bike and we cant go into the garage without him wanting to see it before he gets in the car.
    Not real happy when his daddy starts it though. he's 1
  11. Yeah make those knee sliders, then grind them a bit, so it looks like... might get some looks ;)
  12. My son got his first exhaust burn at about 18 months, when my daughter was about 3 she learnt why i kept telling her to hang on tight after she was dumped off the back. by about 3 my son could start my XR200 by standing with both feet on the kick starter and jumping.

    Kids on bikes are good but generaly unless your missus is in to bikes generaly they hate kids around bikes
  13. Our youngest (who is the tinkerer) would always adjust the air mixture screws on the carbies. He would have been about 2 at the time. Guaranteed his bike would never start first pop because he had 'fixed' it :?

    He's nearly 13 now and can strip a motor down and put it back together :)
  14. I see where this is going...

  15. Port80 yes you are! :grin:

    You're suppose to leave it to the Grandparents. :p
  16. No way! :shock:

  17. I reckon as long as they can walk and talk the time is right...
  18. Oh my god!!!! THat is the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yep - that will be my kiddies one day :p
  19. LOL - i remember dad buying us a little yellow 50cc dirt bike (this was 84 - 85) I only just learnt to ride a push bike.

    Oh whenever my little tigers come along they'll be the next Moto GP champion AKA Rossi, not hayden.
  20. My dad used to ride but stopped decades ago. So from someone who doesn't have any relatives who ride, I'd have loved to be brought up around bikes. Esp if the mrs is happy with it, go nuts.