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Too shy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nina, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Two days ago I watched some youtube clips about the Yamaha FZ6-N. Not sure what made me do that, but I thought it's a pretty bike and could be my next one when I'm off my restrictions (that is if there is going to be a next one ;)).

    Directly after that I left my office and went to the fish and chips shop to get some dinner. While waiting in the line I saw this beautiful shiny black FZ6-N standing just right there. What a coincidence! Couldn't stop staring at it, in RL it looks even more pretty!

    So after I ordered I had to wait for my food being cooked and walked around the bike in a little circle, admiring it from every angle. Wondering whether I'd be lucky and the owner would come back in time for me to talk to him about it. He might tell me some pros and cons about the bike, maybe even let me have a sit on her? My food would take a couple more minutes, I was waiting outside the shop, leaning against the wall and looking at the bike.

    And then he DID come. With a bag full of groceries that he stuffed into his backpack while I was still staring at his bike. Now I had the opportunity to actually talk to someone who rides the bike I just saw 5 minutes ago on youtube. To ask him whether I can touch it. Whether I can sit on it.

    But then I looked down at myself: just an ordinary girl, wearing jeans and my superman cons, my hair the usual mess. How weird is that, just walking to this biker and asking him about his ride? He probably wouldn't believe me and think I was trying to be cool, wanting to sit on a bike. Or that I'd think he is so cool and I just want to hit on him. (Hey, who doesn't want to have a biker as a boyfriend?)

    So yeah... I didn't dare to do anything. Just stood there and stared at his bike. Until he sorted out his gear and took off. He must've thought I'm a freak or something. Must be a strange feeling to have someone standing just a couple of meters away from you, leaning against a fish and chips store, not taking their eyes off your beloved bike.

    How often did it happen to you, that somebody just walked up to you and wanted to talk about your bike? What did you think of them? Did you ever let them sit on it?
    I guess when you ride a really fancy bike that will happen more often.
    Is your reaction different when the person who approaches you is obviously a biker (wearing gear, holding a helmet) rather than looks like he doesn't know anything about bikes?
  2. I'll stand there and talk bikes all day, with anyone happy to chat.
    But if your first question is "What's the fuel economy like?" or "How fast can it go?", there's probably somewhere else I need to be...
    No, you can't sit on it either - well, not unless you're planning to park your helmet beside mine on the bedroom floor tonight...
  3. See, that's what I'm not sure about. Where is the line? What is too much to be asking?
    I wasn't interested to talk to him about bikes in general, but about his bike in particular.

    I know I wouldn't mind somebody nice and polite to have a sit on my bike. But she's quite a few years old ;) So I think it's maybe a bike dependent thing as well as owner dependent.
  4. I think you're over-thinking it.
    You're a chick, so bike-riding men will happily talk to you about their ride - they're usually going to be imagining your helmet on their bedroom floor...
    And if you start talking about the ergos they'll probably let you sit on it too.
  5. Think of the guys like snakes. More scared of you than you are of them. Just talk. What's the worse thing that can happen? Just ask to sit on it...again what's the worse thing that can happen? They say no...and? Its not going to kill you. I think I've only had one person say I can't sit on their bike and he was just using it as a power trip.
  6. nah i'm not bothered i'll have a quick chat with anyone - unless they're obviously a younger rider and would have some interest in a 250 like mine i wouldn't let anyone sit on my bike...even then i'd still weigh up what i think the chances are of said younger person somehow dropping the bike before letting them hop on it

    a riders a rider...perhaps if you have a similar opportunity present itself in the future you should simply outline your intentions with said rider from the start so there isn't any misconception's about why you've engaged said rider in conversation.
  7. Same thing happened to me the other day nina. I saw a white vfr800 while I was waiting for friends to get fuel. It just glowed - possibly from the sun reflecting off the super white finish! - and I really wanted to go up and ask the guy about the bike. Never got up the nerve.

    Ironically, I have guys approaching me all the time to talk about my bike. Surprises me really, because it's nothing special (even though I love it). A guy came up to me the other day (he was riding a sprint) and said I had a 'beautiful bike' and that he liked the sound and asked me about the muffler. I was chuffed. So I guess the moral of the story is that guys have no problem approaching out of the blue and asking questions so neither should you. I'd imagine as soon as you say 'I really like your bike' that'd be enough of an icebreaker.

    I agree with you too - the fz's are really nice bikes.
  8. I really enjoy when people come up and ask about the bike. I've only had it once or twice - both males, who were around my age (18) just wanting to have a chat. It's good fun - male or female coming up to you chatting about it. I'd let em' sit on it if they really wanted, holding the bike of course. After all, you never know who might be a biker and who might not... Not that it really matters anyway!

    My reaction isn't really varied from biker to not biker... It'd more be the topic of voncersation would change... But I figure if I can get someone else into biking I'll have one more person I might meet on the road at some point!

    And lets be honest - who isn't proud of showing off their bike to anyone? Biker or not biker :p
  9. In my experience, if you walk up to somebody and say "excuse me, I really like the look of these and have been thinking of buying one; what do you think of yours?" You had better have more than ten minutes free because they will happily give you the full run down.

    I'd say most of us are happy to talk bikes, but we're just thrilled to talk about our bike.
  10. im sick of all the old girls wanting to talk to me about when they were younger and the fun they had on a old triumph ,,.and the older guys want to talk about the old days when they road old british bikes .,i have offered to take some for a ride so they can relive there younger days when they used to ride ,i must say the old boys love my old triumph when we stop they dont want to get of the bike . one thing about motor bikes is you never forget what a great feeling it gives you when your on the road .i say nex time just start talking to the rider ,
  11. See this is the reason I carry a big stick around with me on my scooter. People call me crazy, but when the hordes of the adoring amass I just have to lay the law down.
  12. Bike guys love talking about bikes to just about anyone, they can talk to you about it all day....................A chick approaching and talking about bikes would be like heaven or a dream come true.

    Id let people sit on my bike so long as they arent unco, a bike rider would definitely qualify as not unco.............id think twice about having a stranger ride my bike even if they ride themselves. Id only let someone who I know to be capable ride my bike.............
  13. Probably too early for you Nina but I have a friend who has a black 2006 FZ6N for sale in Melbourne right now.
  14. Haha thanks! But I'm going to stick with my Spada for a couple more years :)

    The issue with the overthinking. How do I stop it from happening?
    In that case I wouldn't have minded parking my helmet on his bedroom floor. The rider was as attractive as the bike :p

    Why is it that hard though?
    I find it only naturally when people approach me, no awkwardness involved. But I'm way too chicken to walk up to somebody myself.
  15. youre an attractive girl nina any bloke would love to talk bikes with you, i bet he felt just as scared of you
  16. "G'day, I was just admiring your bike. I'm thinking about an upgrade and that's on the list. What's it go like?" - Kaching! Conversation started.
  17. Bitchez love dem scooters
  18. As the wise words of Nike...Just Do It! Be spontaneous and just talk. Treat them as a fellow friend and things will just flow :).

    Regarding a seat on someones bike, it does depend on the person. I let some people sit on my bike...older people can lift it off the stand while kids just sit there happily. In saying that I don't have a shiny sexy steed, only an Across...so nothing to really brag about.
  19. I suspect somewhere in Melbourne there's a guy telling his mates how he's gutted coz there was a cute girl staring at his bike the other day, and he really wanted to talk to her, but didn't know how to get started.
  20. "Nice bike!" Even easier :)