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Too privileged for jail?... seriously

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Thumperpilot, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. A PRIVATE school-educated budding corporate lawyer who glassed and bashed a man at Crown casino has avoided jail after a magistrate said he would not cope in the clink.
    "Not many people are in jail who went to (the prestigious school) Haileybury or who had your client's privileged background."

    Mr Hill added: "Or who look like him."

    Mr Vandersteen told Sweeney it would be "extremely devastating" for his parents - particularly his father, prominent family law barrister Dan Sweeney - to see him in court.

    What a fcuking joke! :mad:

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    I doubt he would have ended up in gaol for that if he wasn't privileged. Don't believe everything you read in the Murdoch press.

    The comments are from the lawyer and it may have had a very minor contribution to the sentencing.
  3. This is in the Herald Scum, I really don't think we will get an unbiased, or even reasonably balanced story out of this bum fodder.
  4. teehee Haileybury?? please...
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  5. Very few cases result in gaol sentences and of those that do many are suspended, don't let the flowery language lead you to think this is any different. A deprived childhood is often used by lawyers to aid their case, what's the difference ?
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  6. The guy is 27 still lives with mumsy and pater, why the frack is his high school mentioned, I would have thought his university would have been more relevant.

  7. Mate I think the only reason the Scum are running this story is to try and appeal to their key audience of knuckle dragging mouth breathers, maybe try and whip up a bit of indignation so next time some bogan scum gets smacked for glassing another scumbag they can scream class discrimination and get about a month worth of stories about how tough the poor downtrodden 'battlers' have it.
  8. Oh, I thought the comments came from the magistrate.
  9. Any of you people been to prison-I think not.
    He would not survive.
    Prison is to remove a threat from society and rehabilitate that person.
    If you want an eye for an eye-go for it.
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  10. Being a "budding corporate lawyer", he'll be kinda screwed by a criminal conviction. He's going to have to completely rethink his career path and future in general. All in all, the experience has probably rocked his world pretty badly, and he'll be feeling the consequences for a looong time.

    So he's hardly gotten off scot free, and...

    ..taking a man who's down and chucking him in a meatgrinder is a bit excessive, no? The other bloke has a scar on his face, but this kid may have just put a decade of study and work in the bin, and locked himself out of the life he'd been expecting to lead.
  11. My bad I misread it.

    The mag would have listed all circumstances for the sentence. This would be one. And it would be very poor judge that doesn't consider the suitability of a defendant for the punishment. But I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who serves gaol time for an assault that doesn't leave lasting injury while intoxicated and having no priors (assumption). The sentence he got was not light. There have been similar sentences handed down to people who have killed riders.
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  12. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2010-09-17/lawyers-claim-glassing-sentence-excessive/2264842
  13. Penalties have increased enourmously for killing someone with a motor vehicle in the last 20 or so years.
    Unfortuneatly those laws dont apply to the non speeding,non hooning,non drunk drivers who are simply incompetent or dont care.
  14. While I do agree with you, I guess as a consequence of how the article is written it does make me wonder how well the mag knows the father.
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    Bit late for may have, he's got a criminal conviction now.
  16. If I was the magistrate I would be suggesting this fellow have a chat to a psychiatrist. I'd have grave concerns about the psyche of someone who turns a glass into a weapon and slashes someone's face with it regardless of the circumstances.
    A career in law may be entirely the wrong direction for him.
  17. I see a 17 yo girl glassed a 21?yo the other night too. The main problem I see is why was a 17 yo in a pub at night anyway? Glassing is such a scum bag thing to do. A woman I know was accidentally on the receiving end one night and she lost her eye completely
  18. Can't the people glassing think about the likes of me who has to drink beer out of a fcuking plastic cup?? They are revolting.
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  19. Figured I'd allow room for related fields (still looses value on the time he's invested, but may be able to make it work for him in business or something), wriggling, and connections :shrug:. His wings have definitely melted, though.

    I imagine thought isn't really a factor in most cases.