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Too much time on your hands?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by j3st3r, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. As I have too much time on my hands I found myself checking out Yamaha's Japanese website (it's all quarter wit's fault :p) and discovered in their fun stuff more than just the normal desktop images and the like and have been continuously amazed since.
    A quick look at this pic should give folks a hint to what has gotten me so excited.
    In grabbing this pic I got even more excited because everything in the scene is constructable, as Paper Craft suggests, from paper. Additionally it's not limited to just motorcycles, which obviously are all Yamaha's, but there's a number of animals and other projects - be warned though that it could chew up some printer time and consumables (work project anyone? :LOL:).

    Check them all out at Yamaha Japan

  2. been posted before :)
  3. Then why didn't Brownyy bump that post? :p
    I'm not surprised that it's been posted before and should know to do a search on these things but then there is folks like me that are relatively new and weren't around for the first time. Think of it like lolcats, we've all seen the email a million times before and sometimes it's refreshing to see it again, but then it can also be an eye rolling experience like Hey Hey ;)
  4. excellent! Havent seen this before.

    *goes and prints to work printer...
  5. Seen this before, but yes it is refreshing.

    I've been sitting here pondering what to do today... might pop down to Orificeworks and stock up on some paper. :grin: