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too much sex, or just not THAT way inclined?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. is he gay, or is he getting it too often?

    obviously not getting the full story, about how many times he lets her have at it, but come on!! really!?!? a man refusing it!! sounds a bit far fetched to me...


    did a search for it, to get more info, but all the papers i could find said pretty much the exact same about the story.

  2. What does she look like?
    Married for 18 years........I bet she looks nothing like she did when they first married.

    just sayin'.
  3. oh yeah, that'd probably be it, ya know...

    case solved :p
  4. A little bit of context:

    Attached Files:

  5. I have refused it many a time both when in a relationship


    from the occasional "offers" whilst a single man - seriously - the women offering just did absolutely nothing for me - to the point they gave me a soft on - and it wasn't solely and always their appearance - many a time it was their persona that turned me off
  6. oh, and forgot to add the photos! man i've not been my usual self!

    from this:


    to this:

  7. he just wants something to brag about with his mates, and impress other sheilas :LOL:
  8. Libidos vary? what?!
  9. Who on earth goes to the POLICE with something like this? Yet another worthless sheeple positively inviting the STATE to take full control of his life instead of sorting it out himself. :censored:
  10. His man card, it must be seized
  11. Libido difference is a big issue in relationships - for either side of the libido scale!
  12. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
  13. agreed!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. In a more sexually open society they could discuss the option of her paying to see a male prostitute. (Her paying with her own money)

    Monogamous relationship models never took this mismatch into account.
  15. Perhaps she was in that..other stuff, you know...well they are Germans.
  16. When will I learn not to Google Geeth's posts?
    Never heard it called that before...
  17. i got caught by it too.

    now i'm not feeling so good :-s
  18. I think pegging sounds better then space docking. Thats the current joke on the dredges...

    Example: Late to work? Must have been busy space docking.
    Example 2: 2 guys alone on the dredge when the third is away, and theres an unexplained few hours of no work being done? Space docking.

    In either practice's case... ill pass :D.
    edit: just for the sake of it i looked up the exact meaning of sd... and the description from urban dictionary... we are referring to #2...
    Ugh... gross... it really is :p. And at least im warning you :p.
  19. If you are squeamish about sex acts (imaginary, extreme or just niche), you should never use UrbanDictionary or Google sans safe search. :nopity: