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Too much riding!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by boingk, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Goddamnit I'm so sick of riding so much. I'm a postie and have recently been asked to do about 7 hours of delivery riding a day. This is expected to be done with 5 minutes of break per hour, to be taken on the hour without leaving the bike unattended, with the whole delivery run to be kept to a pace that is calculated beforehand via computer.

    What a total bloody rip. How many of you can honestly say you have ridden seven hours more or less straight before? Much more, at a dawdling pace with stops mandated every 10 meters or less, while reading something in your lap and on the lookout for reversing cars, kids and stray dogs...

    Geez. And now a few guys are either transferring or leaving their position, and Christmas is coming on.

    For the love of all things Holy, please look up your bank accounts/superannuations/pay slips/bill companies and ask that you be notified of any future whatever by electronic form only. Also put a big 'No Junk Mai' sign on your mailbox. It would be much appreciated by many posties, especially me at this current moment.

    Regards - boingk
  2. k.
    My commiserations. Hang in there!
  3. Ha ha well done bro. I am a contractor with them and we have even less rights.
    I am also a q ride and adv riding instructor. So it can be ten hours a day six days a week in the sadle. It really has been years since I had a personal ride.
    And don't forget that computor weighs the books in its favour. It does not take in to account any sort of service that we may choose to give our customers out of concern or just plain comen decency. And respect to the old or disabled.
    They are a joke and what they do to us is corrupt. No other company could get away with it. Even to post this you know we can be prosicuted by them. F Them
  4. I've been there Boink, so I know exactly what you mean...(not as a postie)

    It's a bloody hard days work on a bike day after day after day - long hours in the saddle..

    I feel for ya.

  5. I often look at the postie on his mount and think 'who else would pay me to ride'?...but some days I'd want at least double the going rate to spend a day in the saddle with the weather we have had.
    I nod at Posties :D
  6. Good work man, and thank you for sticking at it.

    I did once sit the entrance exam, and got called up about 6 months later, but by then I'd already started driving cabs, and was making about double what AP was offering. I asked about moonlighting and they were quite stroppy about that so I told them no thanks. The guy behind the desk looked a bit someone had kicked his dog, when I politely turned down his offer of work and walked out.

    I've worked as a bike courier in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, for brief periods. It's not as much fun as it should be. It's not the same as riding for recreation, that's for sure. There's not nearly enough money in it - by the time you cover your expenses anyway, and whether I could behave myself all day every day now, at 47, I don't know. I sure as hell couldn't at 20, and my license had a half life measured in weeks, not months. If the license system, of suspensions and cancellations and so on, we have now, was in place back then, I'd probably have been banned for life. How many people can say they've run up a hundred demerit points in a year? Yeah, things've changed a bit...
  7. bretto61 - thats a hellava workload! I also reckon that affording people common decency is something everyone should do - hell, I'll deliver the mail straight into somones hand if they're there to take it. Not to mention a conversation with the odd person etc etc. As for prosecution, I reckon they wouldn't bother as we're already 2 riders down. We'd be totally, totally stuffed if we lost another before Christmas.

    Rabbito - bad weather is always there haha. Worst I've had so far was rain for ALL of the run. I wore snowboarding overpants that got a bit wet, but stayed warm, and my Rivett Urban textile jacket... which kept me totally dry! Love that jacket haha.

    kneedragon - speeding is definitely one thing I reckon I'd eventually get done for if I was a dispatch rider on something with more than 8hp! As it is I'm flat-tap on the poor little CT110, I'm constantly amazed at the reliability of those engines.

    Thanks to everyone for the sympathy, had an absolutely sh!thouse day yesterday. Rarely feel the need to vent but I reckon it helped. Today even with a part of somone elses run I managed to clock off at the 5 hour mark. Very nice indeed, especially in contrast to yesterday.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. Well im not too sure if i wana be a postie anymore

    And why dont posties nod i nod at heaps and none of em nod back at me
  9. Well, there are good times and bad times I guess. Today was an example of a good one... the one that inspired the vent was a bad one, made intolerable by hayfever on top of it all.

    I would guess that a lot of posties don't nod because they might be reading the next address from the handlebar carrier. They on the road or on the footpath?

    Cheers - boingk
  10. Fair enough on there on the road stoped at traffic lights etc i dont expect them to nod back when there burning up the footpath lol
  11. Fair enough on there on the road stoped at traffic lights etc i dont expect them to nod back when there burning up the footpath lol

    I still want to do it i reckon it would be prety good

    Whats the chances of them giving a p plater a job?
  12. Do you do any sorting in that seven hours? I ask out of curiosity, I've been a postie for a month now; I spend about 2-3 hours sorting and usually 3 delivery, I know I have a tiny route compared to the rest of my DC though. The one who actually delivers MY mail was still going around 5 when I was on my way to my second job, the poor woman.
  13. If you are getting your sorting done in two to three hours you are good. V sort or pigeon hole ? I bet they only allocate two hours for sorting for you. ETO what ETO's ?? They are a guide ha ha ha yeh right.
    Are you a contractor or postie postie? I would hate to deliver mail I had not sequenced
  14. Not half wrong. Saw 50-ish once on a long stretch of footpath hahaha!

    - boingk
  15. Let's hear more ranting!

    Would having non-crappy/old post boxes with decent sized holes help as well? I often notice really stupid designs at some of my friends' houses and have to wonder why anyone would think it would be practical at all?
  16. FARK YES!

    i got rid of the useless ol' one with the small slot and custom made one out of timber decking to my specs.

    postie can now happily fit up to a 20mm thick A4 size package without swearing and move onto the next box efficiently.
  17. Don't get me started on crap mailboxes hahaha... I mean, there are some pretty bad ones out there.

    The worst are probably the 'bullnose' ones that are typically built into a brick wall - they've got a friggin' protrusion over the slot, and the slot is 2/3rd's the width of a letter! Come on! After that the most irritating would probably be mailboxes that are in need of replacement - they've rusted off the pole, or are kept in place with a brick, or don't have a top... you get the picture. You really don't feel like delivering mail to them.

    The thing that irritates me most, though, is when people just don't have the common decency to collect the mail you bring them. These boxes are typically crammed full of stuff and may even have a few snails manging on the letters as well. The places that are deserted (no tenants/yet to move in/building site/condemned), sure, I can understand... but its still irritating. The places with 3 cars out the front? Now thats just piss poor - get out there and bring in your mail! One house (repeat offender) officially doesn't get delivered to anymore, and another I was severly tempted to either knock the 'box down or set the built up mail alight. Luckily they cleaned up both their act and their mailbox.

    Then there are the grandiose mailboxes that you love to deliver to - you know those ones that are as big as a small bedside table? With a slot you could fit an A3 piece of paper through? Yeah, them. No worries, just roll up and throw the mail in, hear the echo as it bounces inside... and you're off. Usually you don't even have to stop, merely slow down and you'll get it in.

    Of course, there are hilarious mailboxes as well. One on a run I've done is the lower half of a shop manequin, complete with underwear. It has a hinged lid where the torso would normally attach and the words "Male Slot". Still reckon that one takes the cake.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Good stuff twainharte! Thats what we want! My mailbox got destroyed so I got an empty 20L drinking water container (those opaque squarish ones), painted a number on it and then cut a nice big slot at the front and one at the back for getting the mail out. A brick inside keeps it nice and steady. Only thing is... I forgot to put a 'No Junk Mail' label on it :(
  18. I'm on P's, got the job no prob.

    I second the "new mailbox standard" push. Most of my route's good, it's business so they tend to have large boxes that are easy to get to and put stuff in, but there are a couple of shithouse spots.

    Then there are the 12 or so indian/chinese students packed into some rented house that not only block the box with all their cars parked everywhere, but don't have enough room for all their freakin mail if it's a big day.
  19. I'm thinking that some riders think of riding all day as a dream , but like anything, it soon turns into a job like you say.

    I'm thinking about my mailbox now and Guessing the very firmly spring flap on it probably pisses off the postie.
  20. Yes, firmly prung flaps are a bit of an irritation. Thats what gravity is for! If you could reomve the spring it'd be perfect.

    As for becoming a postie on P's, thats fine. All they ask is that you display the appropriate P plate when riding.

    Cheers - boingk