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too much pressure

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tinkerbike, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. anyone got any idea what to pump up tyres on a zzr 250 ??
    why cant they just print it on the tyres ?

  2. there should be a sticker on your rear swing arm on the LHS near the chain.

    If not we put 38 rear and 32 front on Emjays ZZR250

  3. My across has a sticker on the swingarm, and another under the seat.
    you may need to find an owners manual in the internet.

    They can't print it on the tyres, as the tyres are often fitted to a lot of different makes/models, what's good for one is bad for another. The tyre should show its maximum safe pressure.

  4. 32 front
    34-36 rear for a small bike like the zzr will be fine.
  5. thats the spirit

    thanks gang
  6. careful, my across (bout the same size/weight)takes 29 front, 33 rear
    An extra 3 psi in either effects the handling a lot

    A quick google says the ZZR manual has 28/32psi as the recommended pressures.

  7. I've found with my lil fizzer that 32/34 is a minimum.. below that and it just feels squishy. Above 36/37 and it gets extremely twitchy on turn in; hence i try and keep them at about 34/36... seems like a good compromise.
  8. My 98 ZZR's left swingarm says 29/29 for front and rear without pillion. 29/33 with pillion.
  9. thanks IFF, above and beyond the call m8.champ
    i think there r clowns out there that may think its funny to let air out the tyres off a bike.
    but i dont care. cause i will ride any bike any where any time......
  10. Also forgot to mention that it will vary depending on what tyres you've got on the bike. Though this may be fairly obvious; i dont think anyone's mentioned it in this thread yet.
  11. dunlop arrow max 100/80, 140/70
  12. Possibly out of context... but quoted from Dunlop:-

    For touring motorcycle loading, follow these general guidelines:

    1. Light loads-single rider with some luggage (up to 200 lb. total)-minimum tire pressure of 32 psi front and 36 psi rear must be maintained.
    2. Heavier loads-dual riding and/or luggage (from 200 lb. total up to maximum motorcycle capacity stated in the owner's manual)-pressure of 36 psi front and 40 psi rear must be maintained.

    The Arrowmax being the same tyre i run on my rear.. i'd be looking at about 35-38 rear depending on what your riding style is. That and VTRBob has already said that Emjaye runs 32 front / 38 rear which sounds by all intents and purposes about what you should be aswell.

    In the end, start at 32/36-38 and see how it feels, sluggish to turn in put the rear up a little more (ie. no more than 38 ). Too twitchy and drop it back down a bit (no less than 30-32 really). The front; start at 32 and dont go beyond the 30-35 boundary until you know what you want / what your doing.

    PS. All advice contained here within is just from my week or so tinkering with my suspension and tyre pressures and finding out what works, and what doesnt. Just like you, i had to find out the hard way as although everyone mentions its REALLY important to have the correct tyre pressure... its never really clear which numbers we're meant to folow.
  13. think ill have a bit of a tinker eh thanks m8