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Too much oil?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RedWings01, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Did an oil change a week and a bit ago. Put oil in bike, put it between high and low mark but closer to high. Turned bike on let oil circulate for a few min then waited 15 or so mins to drain back to sump. Checked level and topped up to make it a bit under full mark.

    The thing is, I rode for a week and just for the heck of it, i check the oil level and its quite a bit over the top mark wtf? How the hell does that work?? Drained some oil out now its a little under the top mark. Where did the extra oil come from? The clutch? The bikes been sitting for a day so I know the oil is at the sump now.

    Do you think it caused any damage? Any ideas why I got more oil?
  2. I blew a countershaft seal once with to much oil. Do you have a manual, some recommend checking cold, some hot. Some with the dipstick vertical some on an angle. Some on the sidestand some on the centre stand. The sight glass in one of my bikes is very hard to see through, its easier to read the back of my others bikes dipstick instead of the front. My bike tends to hold 1/2 a lit in the primary chain case and doesn't drain without pulling the primary chain adj bolt. One of my bikes has to be filled via one of the sight glasses as the fill hole is mostly covered with clutch plates and takes hours to dip in. Does you bike have an oil cooler. Did you change the filter,I have no idea really.
  3. As noted, check what the manufacturer says about when and how to check oil for that bike.
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  4. If you check it after the engines been running, there's oil all through the engine etc. If you check it cold its all settled. My bike is supposed to be checked after its been running (then sit for a few minutes) and doing that the mark is lower than checking it cold. RTFM.
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  5. Brand new oil will cling to the bearings and gearing etc. much longer than old oil.
    15mins to drain is normally not enough time to fully drain to the sump for brand new oil.
  6. Ok read my manual and thats what it says. It says let it get to idle temp and wait a few min then check. I just did that and it was on the low mark. I guess I had the correct amount of oil before. I topped it back up to the full mark so it should be good. Maybr its meant to be over the full mark when cold...
  7. The oil level will rise slightly when it's hot as the oil expands. This has all been taken into account by the designers if you check the level the way they tell you to.
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  8. Did you check it hot the second time. As noted above the hot oil level is often higher due to expansion. On my bike the difference between hot and cold is half the sight glass.
  9. I checked it completely cold. Seems to have more oil when fully cold. I took it to idle temp like manual said and then waited a few mins. Checked it and topped it to the full mark as per manual.
  10. Maybe on your bike it takes longer for loose oil to drain back down into sump.

    Whatever, check it like the book says to get correct level. If book says hot then check hot.

    However checking hot is a pia as if you need to check the oil before a ride you can't, so once you establish the correct level hot then establish what level that equates to cold and then top to that level cold. This is what I do but my level drops when cold. If yours gets higher then You may not be able to do this when full hot.
  11. Yeah exactly, mine does get higher when cold so Im just going to follow the book on this one. It says to check after idling for few mins and even says if the oil level is on low after the bikes been on for a few mins and you let it drain back for a few mins, to put oil into the top mark. This is exactly what I did. So I have the correct level when the bikes been on for a few mins. If this is what the manual says, then ill probably just ignore the cold level.

    Thanks for your help btw. From what I see, different bikes require different oil checking methods so I'll just stick to my manual for this one.
  12. The other option is to put minimum oil in when hot and see if this comes onto the window when cold. Then simply stay above that line cold.
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    fixed :)

    on the oil expansion thing..
    from 20C to 100C, you'd expect 1L of oil to expand by about 50mls... very roughly.. or 5%
    oil probably not 100C after 10 minutes or whatever, so scale that down depending on temp