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Too much for a paint job??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BalmyBrowny, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I've had my bike reversed into at home. not too much damage. just front guard smashed, and side that it dropped on. my problem is that my excess is $1K due to an indiscretion in feb with my right wrist. (yes lesson learnt well and truly)

    now a work mate is getting a hilux painted and the guy who's doing it offered to do all my bike panels for $400. just wondering if thats too much or not. and i'f i'd have to 'prep' it for him. i.e. take off the stickers, snad it back etc. oh yeah, he's already got paint left over so don't have to pay for that.
  2. I would suggest finding all that out from the guy who is going to paint ti as all we would be doing is guessing.

    If someone told me it they would charge $$ I would assume it was all prep work also & all I would be expected to do is remove the pieces to be painted.
  3. good point. will have to ask when i get back to work as i'm on days off at the moment.
  4. all the bike panells for $400 is a bargain if its done to any decent sort of standard.
  5. well getting plain gloss black, so hope its to a good standard :p wouldn't think it'd be too hard when doing one colour and no decals.
  6. $400 is cheap. The actual spraying is the cheap, and non labour intensive, part of the job.

    Most of the cost involved is the labour involved in preping you panels.
  7. agreed - bargain. if this is to prep and paint i'd do it.. as long as the work is of an acceptable standard.
  8. awesome. thats another positive. i'll definitely keep everyone updated on this. painting is in 2 weeks :)
  9. the twit of a mechanic tried to charge me $2k for a respray on my brand new panels if i took them off and handed them to him.

    i tried to offer to do as much as possible and he said it wouldnt come in at under 1500

    i told him to get ....
  10. cant see it happing to a good standard for that price,
  11. i asked about prep etc, aand he does it all. all i have to do is get my front guard plastic welded, and the hole in left side fixed. so $400 including prep work. so am pretty happy.

    Im hoping for a decent job. my thoughts were that the hilux owner wouldn't be getting it if it wasn't up to scratch. But yeah, will post pics etc in after its all done.
  12. My advice would be to wait and see what your mates Hilux ends up looking like. Then make a decision from there.
  13. my only problem with that roarin is that i'd have to pay for the hire of the spray booth then. as it is, i'm only contbuting very minor amount to that and paying for his time. so would end up costing me more and/or having to wait till after christmas, when he does some more cash jobs.
  14. sorry for revive but how did this project go?