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Too much choice!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by danb, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. So, I'm to regain my bike L's on Friday, assuming I pass the test again (let it lapse last time, overseas and that...) and will be buying a bike in the new year.

    I have two choices.

    1. Full fairing decent 250 that will last me a couple of years ~$6000, or
    2. Naked cheapo for ~$2000 and upgrade 4-6 months later to a nice 600.

    So, the perennial noob questions.

    Which option works out better given I'm not an immature young lad?

    Assuming option 1, why does the ZX-2R seem to have so many damn variants? What's with the ZX2'A', 'B', 'C' & 'R', ZXR250(R/RR?), ZZR250(R). Aren't they all grey import 250 Ninja's?

    Assuming option 2, what is a decent / reliable learner bike given I want a bigger sport bike down the track, so resale ~ purchase is important. And why is a Honda VFR250 the same damn price as a CBR250(R/RR) import?!
  2. I suggest either option is valid as long as you buy a good late bike and keep it that way you will get your money back when you upgrade. As you have seen the 250 market is over priced but as long as we have to ride them it will stay that way.
  3. ANY sports bike from the late 80s onwards will have very close performance. naked, full faring, commute/tour/sports oriented, they're all a bees dick away from each other in performance, get the one thats the comfiest. you will not keep a RRRR 250 any longer than one with less Rs, they're all painfully slow :wink:

    as above, cheaper is better for the first bike. save the money for a bike that you'll like and want to keep, NOT a 250.

    theres a ZXR250 a and a ZX2R C, thats IT. theres no such thing as a R or RR, thats purely in the CBR range, anyone saying otherwise is playing on your lack of knowledge. the other ninjas that come up are the GPX250 and the ZZR250. the ninja sticker was stuck on to make them sound meaner, they're not real ninjas tho and very different bikes to the ZXR

    GPX/ZZR250 are a safe bet. cheap, easy to ride, reliable and the prices are low enuff for there to be almost no depreciation in the older bikes. spada is a good one, but they're generally priced above their age (damn good bikes tho for the shorter rider). never heard of a VFR250, i think you might mean the VTR? its pricey because its newish, like made in the last 10 years or less. the CBR-R was all done and finished in the early 90s and the CBR-RR was all finished in 99. age does have a lot to do with price (and forget all about the compliance date...)
  4. VTR, yeah, that one... :oops:

    But looking at classifieds, it all seems to make a lot mre sense with that info under the belt. Thanks for the quick reply!

    ATM I'm looking at ~$5k for a Kawa GPX250 (or whatever the seller has decided to call it), so if there is anyone in Sydney selling one, PM me.

  5. $5k is a bit steep unless its like pretty much new. the GPX is like $5500 new i think :?:

    sit on it first tho, if your a tallish bloke, you might be better off looking at a ZZR. they cost a little more for something the same age/condition, but they can be had for as little as $3000 if you hunt around a bit. would be mch better suied to a taller rider.

    also, just remember that most 250s aside from a few of the newer nakeds are 15+ year old technology. when determining price, look more at the kays than the age, a GPX250 made in 89 is exactly the same besides paint as one made in 05
  6. Don't waste your money on something you be itching to get rid of in two months anyway. get a CB250 and learn to ride then buy anything you want. At 28 you are far too old and should know better than to be riding bikes but do what you want. See if I care. :LOL:

    Have fun with it dan. :wink: :grin:
  7. If your so pick up a full faired 250 for 4-5 grand you will have no problems selling it for the same price when the time comes, if you've kept it in good condition.
    But If you want to save cash straight up and arent all that confident in your own abillities, maybe something like a spada would be good for you, naked and your not going to crack fairings if you drop it.
  8. The further I look, the cheaper they become. Finding GPXs for <$3k now. That said, leaning towards the ZX-2R, but I haven't sat on either, yet...

    What's a good online site for bikes? bikesales, bikepoint and autotrader have all been exhaustively checked.
  9. Not to dissillusion the great Melbourne Trading Post readers out there (Tell 'im he's dreamin'), but Telstra, aka Sensis, aka autotrader.com.au now owns the TP online and it bites. Easily the most frustrating classifieds on the web (cant even open each page in a new window / tab)
  10. www.go fcuk yourselfthen.com :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. EEEEK another Dan, welcome Danb

    You're in NSW so you can get a LAMS bike, a "strangled" 600 - 650 which you can get "un-strangled" when you have your full license. Ducati have the 600 Monster and Hyosung have the 650 Comet, in several variants up to fully-faired. Go visit the dealers and sit on, push, prod and poke and then come back here and ask some more questions; we've no financial interest, just a desire to help each other.
  12. Welcome danb. Hope you have fun buying your first bike, its a daunting but fun task. You are in a good position of having lots of options. For more information about what has been posted on this thread make sure to browse through the new riders section.