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Too many layers of quotes

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Thus forth any post that has more than 2 layers of quotes, or quotes an image, will be unconditionally removed (unless there is an extremely good reason or context requirement) .. no if's, but's, whinges, or whines.

    What is a layer of quote? Example..

  2. Is there a technical reason for this, Jason? Or does it just offend your sense of aesthetics?

  3. Jason,

    A suggestion: these kind of non T&C forum housekeeping announcements doubled up on email will ensure everyone gets the message and will avoid the absolutely predictable bad blood that will occur with "unconditional deletion".

    The image clause in your dictate is probably going to catch a bunch of people out...
  4. 'Ken oath!!!
  5. it makes the pages take too long to load on my phone :p
  6. For a small percentage it's what you say above, but for a much larger percentage it's that I sick of hearing valid complaints about it ... it's only a few people that do it, and they've been told about it before. Importantly, it also sets a precedent for others to be consciences when posting.
  7. People actually complain about that kind of stuff? wow
  8. I dont, but it sometimes gets annoying when theres 2 posts to a page, and only 1 line worth of information per post.
  9. How is that telstra broard-band thing working for you joel? You are using it right?