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Too many KM's??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snake, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm in the process of selling my 250 at the moment and am looking at some 600's or 1000's in the 5-6k range.

    I've noticed some really good looking and well looked after bikes but KM's seem a little heavy. One I'm looking at is a CBR600F with around 80,000km on the clock.

    What is classed as too much with bikes for KM's and do you think I should stay clear of the above??


  2. Disclaimer: My technical knowledge is very limited, but I do pick stuff up and people will jump on me if I say anything completely wrong.

    It depends a lot on how well its been maintained. That CBR may well have another 80,000 in it... or it could fall apart as soon as you turn it on. So don't completely dismiss higher km bikes, but make sure they are checked over thoroughly (by someone you trust) before you commit.
  3. my 600 Hornet with the same engine has done 150,000 kms, and as documented elsewhere, is ready for another 150,000 ......
  4. You don't say how many km a year? Over a long period, that's not much, but the other important factor is what type of riding has racked up the k's. I sold my last bike with average k's after a couple of years: the current bike has been used for a lot of long rides the past couple of years and won't be such an attractive purchase even though it is well maintained and is in 'prime' condition.

    Boxer engines don't run in until 25,000km, but try telling a purchaser that!
  5. My gsx750f has done 90 000 and runs strong, doesn't use oil, etc. It might depend on the technology in the engine - mines a fairly simple oil-air cooled lump. But if an engine is looked after it should run for a lot of kms. Service and care counts for a lot.
  6. Darling the F with 80,000 on the face offer 4 - it won't sell
    Is it possessed of aftermarket add on's?
  7. Ive seen CBR600F4i's go for about 5ish with 25000 ks on them when I was looking for a bike, I even found one on ebay with 17000ks go for 4k, probably thrashed but still a bargain.

    Id say if you can find a bike with less k's on it then go with that, because then you wont have as much of a headache when you go to sell it off yourself.
  8. 5 to 6k should see you get something pretty good. Personally I wouldn't be looking at a bike with 80,000km on it for that sort of money, although I certainly wouldn't dismiss one outright if it showed to be in good condition.

    Examples of my recent bikes might help. I currently have about $3300 in my XR600R and thats with rego til December, new rear tyre, new chain/sprockets and performance air filter all bought after the initial purchase. Only had 17,000km on it when bought and came with a fair bit of good aftermarket gear. I have about $3200 in my GSX-1100EF (legit 50,000km) and that includes a full years rego, new tyres & clutch cable, performance air filters & carby jets. Factor in new clutch plates/springs plus a major engine service - it was stored for 6 years before I bought it - and you're looking around the $3500~$3600 mark.

    There are also all manner of newer bikes (post 2000) going for around the 5 to 8k mark. Examples include low km 750 nakedbikes, earlier 600 and 750 supersports, and the odd big-bore sports machine. You just have to decide what you really want and what you can really afford.

    Remember the rule of buying: Right bike, right price, right now - you can pick any two.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! Have decided to try and stick with a bike below 50k...it may cost slightly more but worth it. Looking at a VTR 1000...nice step up from the 250 :)
  10. The lower the kays now, the lower they'll be when you resell, too. As boingk said, you can buy a whole lotta bike for 5 or 6 grand. Good luck with the bike hunt! It's almost the most exciting part of owning a motorcycle!
  11. Don't be afraid to haggle a little if the price is a bit higher than you are happy with. Its a buyers market out there at the moment.

    I recently picked up an immaculate 2005 CBR600RR (24,000kms) with lots of goodies as well as all the original parts for $6K. That was considerably lower than the asking price. :)
  12. I bought my CBR600F4 2000 model at 78500kms.

    I'm up to 84000kms now. Only had the fuel pump regulator go on me. Was expensive to replace only due to the assing around to diagnose it and a seized bolt on the rear grab rail.

    I think it goes great.

    It's also easy to replace the pads yourself. I'm going to replace the clutch in mine during late November, I know that it's fine as is, but it can miss-shift from 1st to 2nd, though rarely and only if I'm gunning it off the mark. Likely my fault :p

    Honda-Bike, Honda-bike, Blows no smoke. Uses no oil. It's a bike, that's for sure. Honda-biiiiiike. Honda-Bike.

    Note; Replacing the plugs means taking off the fuel tank. Which is annoying, because the side fairings need to come off to avoid scratching the centre dash fairings. Will cost extra at service.

    Or do it yourself ;) I've been told, but not sold on it, that the plugs need to be replaced every 5000kms. Dunno.

    EDIT: Bought it on Ebay for $4000. "new rego" as it was from QLD meant it was $1200 to get on the road. Another $700 for a service and to fix the pump regulator.

    Anyone asking > $6k is asking too much.

    I'm surprised the above poster got a CBr600RR for that price, Great price!
  13. How about a 2007 (bought May 2008) GSX 650 F with only about 8500km on it?
    Registered till May.
    Asking 7.5K.
  14. whilst im always put off by mid-high k's, some peoples bikes (and cars for that matter) just keep going and going with little or no problems.

    i just bought a 2000 sv650 in great nick (only a few marks/scratches) for less than 4k. plenty of bargains to be had.

    as boingk said: right price, right bike, right time, choose two. this is very true from my experience... i waited and waited hahah
  15. My Triumph Sprint has 150,000klms went bang last xmas so over the weekend I finally got around to pulling the engine apart to see what was wrong with it. Apart from carbon build up over the valves and piston it was fine aparently I blew an exhaust casket and it spat the plug back out of the head. Now I need to clean it all up and get it back on the road.

    But I was shopping around for a 955i daytona but have read a few horror stories of at even at 40,000k they need rebuilds due to miss use which you cant tell. So go figure?

  16. Yeah the 955i and some other earlier triumphs not only required a full rebuild, but the metal they used was ****ing atrocious quality, ****, the things snapped cams and rods in half because the metal was drop forged aire-ated(sp?) SHIT.