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Too many kilometres on a zzr600 1993

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, May 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    A question in regards to a zzr600 I am looking at at the moment.
    It's a 1993 model and has about 86000ks on the clock. The seller is adamant he has looked after it well, although it needs new sprocket and chain at the moment.
    Now in regards to the amount of ks it has done is this too many for a bike of this type and is it worth considering when other options for newer similar priced bikes are out there with less mileage? I know the question is rather subjective, but at present people I have spoken to say that its not worth it as you can't be sure when the engine will be up for repairs...
    Just thought I'd put it out to get opinions.

  2. As we always say, if it's been regularly and well serviced, kilometres should not be an issue; you should be able to tell from its general condition if it's been well-loved. If it hasn't, walk away, there are lots of good fish in the sea.

    Just as a guide, I've owned my 1998 600 Honda Hornet since it had 54,000 kms on the clock; it's been regularly serviced and now has 156,000 kms, and nothing is wrong with it. When I had a service done at 150,000, the mechanic said he adjusted one valve shim; that was all it needed.
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  3. It's old enough to vote. Even if it's been loved, I wouldn't pay much for it.

    However, if it is cheap, you get a stonking bike for your money.
  4. Thank you for the responses guys, much appreciated.
    Well I would pick up the bike for $2000 and then it would cost me $500 for new sprocket and chain. So about $2500 all up, plus the drive to pick it up as its about 3 hours away. Recently I have come across nice bikes more locally, so I guess they would be first choice, but if all else fails then the zzr is there.
  5. There not a bad old thing. Parts are starting to get a bit hard to find. Well in this country. They are dear to rebuild though. About $3500 for a top end rebuild. And close to that for the bottom. Had to order headers from the UK for one as I could not get new ones here and to get them custom made was just mad.
    Be nice if it had the carb's serviced and resealed. Same with the valve stem seals.
    Also check the stem head and swing arm bearings. Also the shock linage bushes.
  6. Thanks bretto
    I guess that also makes me think that its really not worth it. Since if its a dud or needs investment I'm going to be better off just paying about 500-1000 extra and getting a bike that I can be more sure about.
  7. Mate it could be. It is the risk you take buying one that old. with that many K's. I guess if your only paying that much you have to be prepared to throw it away.
    A guy buying a new one tears up twice that much in the first year of ownership with depreciation.
    Its all relative. Nothing that much fun is cheap.
  8. I'd go for it for that price, if only for something cheap to thrash round the track from time to time.
  9. They are generally a solid bike and if alls good it will do that many ks again.
    Regarding a track bike this would not be my choice.Great touring bike but heavy and slow steering would be a track bike minus
  10. True, but, for $2k, you get something you can afford to chuck into the gravel which, according to a mate who knows these things, is worth at least 10 seconds a lap :D.

    But what would I know? The one time I've been to the track, my weapon of choice was a 20 year old K100 on cast iron tyres. Gotta have some excuse for being so slow :D. But not as slow as some more appropriately mounted participants :twisted:.
  11. You don't have to be a hero. Or have the latest weapon to go on a track day.
    If it has two wheel and rego all good.
    You don't all get sent out at once. And I have seen plenty of fast cruisers laping good times in the medium bracket.
    It's about having fun and learning in a SAFE environment.
    If a crutch rocket sneers at you just kick his plastic heap of shoite over. That will take the smile of his face real fast.
  12. Lapping him twice in a 10 minute session worked pretty well :twisted:.
  13. Thanks again guys.
    I guess the bike is there if my other ventures don't work out or if ny issues arise.
    The good thing atm is that I have a few options available so I'm not pressured in any way.
    I do have a particular bike that I am favouring at the moment and would rather go with, however its good to know that I shouldn't write this bike off totally.