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Too many 'Car of the Year' Awards now

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. 45 years ago Wheels Magazine instituted a 'Car of the Year' Award and for decades it was the benchmark. One year they refused to give it out because they said there was not a new car that was worthy of the award!!

    Now, every peak industry body to the local corner store, and everyone in between, hands out a 'car of the year', totally devaluing any genuine comparisons. I might just enter my 1994 Magna in some COTY award next year; there's so many of them I'm bound to win someone's version :LOL:.
  2. COTY is always a Ferrari. Everything else is a shitbox.
  3. +1, agree with you 110% Paul.

    Funny thing is the car manufacturers used the awards in their advertising and no one has ever heard of the thing giving out the award.
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  5. They also have "best engine"
    So if its a sh*@y car, but has strong engine or wateva, wat the heck, give it an award.
  6. HAHAHAH… and it hasn’t won anything for the last 3 years, just crowing about its past achievements.
    I suppose that is one up on one poster I can think of here who is always posting about his brothers past achievements.
  7. Keep in mind who pays for advertising in the publications too.

    Also what is the motivation of the publication? For example I couldn't give a rats what the NRMA thinks in regards to what the best car was in a given year. They are too obsessed with safety.
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  9. Just realised; it says

    'Scottish SUV of the Year' - Scottish Motoring Writers (ASWM), 2004

    Um . . .its an English car. Not from Scotland

    (Scotland is part of britain, but not England :?: :?: )

    ^Anyone know??
  10. I like the diversity of views. Every publication comes from a different perspective, so you can pick the one that agrees with your priorities.

    I used to work for a major car magazine publisher, and I found that the same bunch of journalists invariably did the same set of tests and surveys. The individual editor of each title would then just sort through the responses and match them up to the perceived reader profile for that title.

    If they left it up to the individual journalists, the 'car of the year' would invariably be the one that transported 2.3 kids a distance of 10.6km to private school and back every day while keeping the driver in the most comfort, cost the least to run and was easiest to clean after a week in the snow. 'Cause that was their set of priorities.

    Ask yourself "who thinks like me", and find the one that suits you best.
  11. That would be the Subaru Forester...
    How many years did it or the Impreza win car of the year (As in Wheels magazine)
  12. To be honest I don't read car mags any more. I got sick of comparisons that always had the dearer car coming out on top. Well derrr. Motoring journalist have no idea what it's like to have to buy a car at a given budget. So their opinion is meaningless.
  13. Well said ^^

    Sadley its all too true :cry:
  14. I thought Wheels only had one category? Best new Commodore?

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Car and Driver is probably the best car magazine I've found. They do a 10 Best every year and pick the best car from 10 different categories.
  16. Probably the same way the that the Honda Accord V6 is the "Drive Australian car of the year"...
  17. The thing that shits me is how the bike of the year is always the quickest. That's like the car of the year automatically going to some kind of race bred peice of crap.