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Too many ads during MotoGP!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Judge Geoffrey, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Jesus, give the ads a break! There's been more so far than the last 10 international MotoGP's combined! :mad:

  2. yup!! Missed the colin edwards off because of the ads! There's heaps grrr; I much prefer the eurosport telecast of MotoGP but I watch the chan 10 one when Melb GP is on.
  3. That's why I have Foxtel. :p

    Even so, the Edwards crash wasn't shown. Just him being stretchered off.
  4. Yeah I have foxtel just don't subscribe to sports package as one race in the past month or so isn't worth subscribing for in my view. Oh well, 'tis the only race per year I see that has ads, I'll survive :grin:
  5. It's not just the 'sod's law' deal that everytime they cross to an advert break something happens, but the incompetence of the commentary completes the 'why do I bother?' feeling. Honestly, they fail to see almost every position change, and anything else that matters, and they're at the track, with monitors. If we can see that stuff on TV, what the heck are they looking at, the crowd??? And Daryl Beatie wouldn't get excited if you set fire to his shirt tails......
  6. I agree. I watched Ch 10 for the 125s and switched to Foxtel after that, had a much better pommy guy calling it, plus waaaay fewer ads.
  7. They might've missed Collin Edward's off, but managed to capture the 'oopsy!' moment in the pit lane during the bike changes when someone (Pedrosa?) pulled out directly into the lane never looking around him at all, and as the result nearly taking out Nicky Hayden who was doing nothing more than going in straight line, minding his own business... it was a moment more than worthy of any of the 'clueless cagers' we like to complain about here.
    It's a good thing these guys don't ride on the roads.
  8. i believe it was the other way around, nicky was the one pulling out.

    but yeah, the amount of adds displayed during the race was discraceful.
  9. that bike change for hayden was disgracefull. they had his bike at right angles to where he needed to go, hence straight out into the lane. Teams fault totally! Some great ch10 dumb comments though, wish I had of written them all down now.

    "what a year a difference makes"

    Highlight of the whole race was the last corner by Melandri, waaaaaay cool!

  10. I'll give you a hint... http://www.purplepint.com/gridgirls.asp
  11. Well, if that's what they're looking at, they keep the best sights to themselves! That would be my complaint - not enough camera time was spent on umbrella girls... and from the glimpses they showed I had the impression they were getting more attractive as the engine capacities went up - why would that be? :)
  12. Agreed on all counts here:

    - Too many fcuking ads during the race.
    - Commentators are deadly boring, particularly the cadaverous Beattie.
    - Not enough boob shots of grid girls.

    Hopefully the SBK organisers can take something from this.
  13. This was the first GP that I noticed grid girls weren't just in tight shorts and short tops. Some actually had jeans/pants on and a couple were on the more normal/larger side than the 'model thin' chicks so to speak.
  14. You people complaining about too many ads are clueless. How else is a television station going to raise money to pay for the right to broadcast it? Do you think it is free to broadcast an International Motorsport Event??? Do you realize how much money it costs to run a tv station???

    What freaks me out is that it costs you nothing, absolute ZILCH!!,FREE!! to tune into Channel 10 to watch something we love, yet you complain on top.

    I have been brought up to appreciate things. When somebody gives you something for nothing, shut your mouth and say thank you.

    I watched it on free to air and had no problem with the ads at all.

    So grow up and stop your whining.

    I love that Tommy Lee ad though, funny as. I want an orangutan too.
  15. Well, aren't you a good consumer. Me, I just time-shift just about everything I watch these days, just so I can fast-forward through the ads. That's how they shoot themselves in the foot: try to force too many ads on me, and I end up watching none of them.
  16. It's not the number of adverts, it's the timing of them. By all means have x number of adverts, but run them in blocks before and after, not during..... They do this in other sporting telecasts...

    {Anyone want to count how many adverts there will be in the Bathurst broadcast??}
  17. I agree with there being way too many ads. I can understand why there is a higher then normal rate during big sporting events but today was just crap. Every bloody lap they felt the need to "go to a short break". I actually fell asleep during the 250cc class because of it.
  18. This is why you should go to PI and you wont miss a thing!

  19. That ad rocks :) I don't like the other Bigpond ON demand ads though (the model and the dog ones) they are boooooooring.
  20. Miss_dj wrote

    After watching it on TV yesterday and today, I've decided to make the trip down one year but while I'm on a 250cc it's just not going to happen :grin:

    aaahhhh one year.........