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Too low

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nUt_rAt, May 27, 2015.

  1. Not really a vent, but a near miss...

    On the 250 Intruder going around a roundabout (love 'em) and obviously taking it too low...

    Up until today, I always thought if I took a corner too low on Trudy I'd scrap the peg and the worst that could happen is that the peg would fold up a bit, bump my foot up and maybe lose a little peg rubber.

    Not so.

    Take a corner too low and the road will grab the heel of my boot and throw my leg back!

    Need to watch out for that. Lesson learnt.

  2. Interesting, where are your feet placed on the oegs? Balls of feet, arches ??
  3. I think the arch, but the pegs are forward a little so the heel is down.
  4. I think the Intruder is a forward control cruiser.
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  5. You need to be a bit lighter on your inside foot.
    If you expect to scrape just ease off the pressure a little so that if it does scrape, it doesn't catch.
    A bit like a sports rider getting the knee down and feeling the ground, but not planting the knee into it.
    It's worse if you hit a little depression mid corner and drag the lower frame on the ground.
    That will make you pucker. :)
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  6. My heels used to catch sometimes when cornering on my M109R - even with my feet raised high on the peg (the opposite to what you'd do on a "normal" bike). My fix was to get boots with metal sliders in the heels.

    It worked a treat and they never caught/dragged the ground in corners.
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  7. ^^^^ He went by the username of 'Pyrotechnic Poser' in those days
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  8. I'll give it a go, thanks for the tip. Must admit, I've been taking it a little easier this afternoon/evening - the experience was puckering enough!