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Too loud Danmotos

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tonee, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I've got a pair of Danmotos on my Striple and for those who know about these, they are extremely loud pipes. I have been wearing ear plugs however it gets very uncomfortable and so I prefer riding without. I have read on other forums about stuffing the removable baffles with coarse steel wool with good results.
    So I stuffed mine with steel wool today and it sounds a lot better. However what I'd like to know is how do you know how much stuffing is too much that the valves won't burn? The airflow coming out of the pipes now are very similar to the flow with stock pipes. So can I assume it can't be that bad because if anything it'd be similar to the stock pipes?


  2. The lesson here being not to buy DanMoto pipes.
  3. How did you measure the flow exactly? Have you uploaded the correct tune?

    Oh, Danmoto cans are for cheap bikes. Lesson learnt here is don't buy shit and expect good results.
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  4. That's correct unless you want to blow your ear drums
  5. It's just a rough estimate from the feel of my palm
  6. They just look nasty, don't they?
  7. steel wool will rust.
    try stuffing them with rolled up newspapers.
  8. If you really want to re-pack them. Get some pink bat insulation or go get ripped a new one at a bike shop for a tiny piece of the same stuff.
  9. I had them on my first Street Triple, they sounded awesome! Better in fact than the (Aus pricing here) $1200 Leo Vince ugly ass trumpet things that were already fitted when I brought my R model. They also looked better too imo. The biggest let down with Triumph is the fact manufacturers seem to think every exhaust has to have some fancy shape to it. I brought them as an interim measure to get rid of the stock 50kg tanks while I found something that had a normal shape to it, but they sounded so sweet I never changed them.

    I'd suggest a tea spoon of concrete and some hardening up
  10. IMO these cheap pipes are the best sounding for these bikes, the only let down is the noise intensity. After some research I might have a shot with a longer universal baffle and hope for the best.
  11. I've got a set of Danmoto's on my Monster 600, loud as anything. I don't mind it too much though because I wear ear plugs plus have helmet speakers for music. My ears are ringing by the time I get to work (20km) if I don't wear earplugs.

    Either get a restricted exhaust, or get ear plugs :)
  12. I used a universal eBay baffle on my danmoto when I had it on my ninja. Made it better, but now I have a 2bros and thats surprisingly A LOT more quieter with the same baffle used
  13. Maybe try a better quality ear plug.
  14. was the baffle a lot longer than the Danmoto baffles?
  15. About double the length, and instead of massive holes, they had lots of little flaps going down it
  16. I wouldn't baffle them too much. By doing so you'll increase the heat in the can and they wont sustain it for too long.
    This is an example of a pair that came off a spaghetti bike, I don't think they had baffles in them.


    TBH, cut your losses and save up for something better quality. I'm very happy with the Ixils and they don't have the bullshit price tag of Arrows, Zard, etc.
  17. I think those were from a Ducati after a good track day. I'm anticipating the day for that to happen. Ixil pipes do sound quite good on Youtube
  18. I have Ixils on my GSR750... love them..

    this was taken a year ago when it was brand spanking new..
    no over the top revving, but gives a good idea of general sound and at idle..
  19. I had one for my Kwacka, waaaay to loud (without the baffle), put it on, rode round the block, took it off thirty mins later and sold it on gumtree!

    Slideways is right though, and if i had the baffle maybe a different story. I did get an O2 sensor from them for $7/8 (???) when they go for $30 here in Oz. No problem with the service from them either. If i needed something else along those lines i'd give them another crack.

    You get what you pay for.