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Too Lazy to Read?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, May 3, 2007.

  1. Found a website where you can download books stuff that was either never copyrighted or written so long ago that copyright doesn't apply as audio files.
    Seems a good opportunity to check out the classics the lazy way and act all superior around the "common" people :LOL:. Of course being free does have it's drawbacks - some of the people who've contributed stuff really should have had a good listen to what their voice sounds like on tape first.

  2. Cool,
    may be people can list what they've listened to here and give it a rating
  3. Brilliant idea Woodsy.
    So far all I've listened to is the Communist Manifesto. Definately a significant book historically and interesting to think that it wasn't that long ago that reading it would have certainly attracted the attention of the Government (much like some Islamic texts would now). It's actually quite interesting in its analysis of history and does make some good points in its criticisms of the capitalist system. However I did find the readers voice to be a little bit too soft and monotonous given the nature of the material - basically you're either going to find it interesting or have the best nights sleep ever.
  4. Just finished listening to another dowload - John McTaggart's paper on the Unreality of Time. It's an interesting philosphical piece basically explaining why time can't exist :shock: - kinda difficult to get your head around but if you're the sort of person that enjoys being confused by those docos on quantum physics and the nature of the Universe then it's well worth a listen. Audio sounds like it was recorded with the microphone way to close to their mouth which can get a little annoying at times (especially with words starting with "p").
  5. time exists within dimentions, ya jack ar$e!

    *peeching!* 10

    seriously, i think reading would be less painful than listening to their voice
  6. Exactly. This shows how influential the paper was. By proving that "time cannot be explained without assuming time" it's established that time can't exist in the "real" world - therefore an extra "fourth" dimension had to be created for it to exist in. Not bad for something written in 1908.
  7. wow, i wasnt expecting that. im getting a lot of sh!t from a buch of know nothings in the 'this i believe' thread.

    stump it up! :cool: