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Too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. 2004 'Busa for $6.5k?

  2. i guess best way is to go and find out
    a bit of a hike but if its legit then thats a good saving ... or better yet email him find a fellow netrider freind in qld and see if they can check the bike out
  3. Another "too good to be true" sounding one is an 05 R6 with 3000ks selling for $6000. I need to find something like this around April... :LOL:
  4. Yeah, that one's be nice for me too... the 'Busa is a nice dream but really not a very practical commuter, and I do like having a license. There's actually a pretty new 2006 ER6 on Bikesales for 6 grand or so that would be a sensible choice for me... but what the hey, it's all just a dream at this point. Did wonder whether anyone else here was in the market for a 'Busa though.
  5. I would definately go check it out if it hasn't been sold already.
    Thats an amazing bargain if its real.
  6. If it was real, you could try buying it and reselling it straight away - the money you could potentially make could pay for the issues you've had with the GSXF.

    Alternatively, I suppose you could just get rid of the GSXF... :p
  7. Think about it, why would you sell that bike on Bikesales, when you could ride it in to any dealer and they would give you almost double that in a heartbeat!

  8. Yeah, my first question would be 'so tell me, why is this 5 grand cheaper than all the other similar bikes of similar vintages?' And also get a serious mechanic's check before forking over the cash. But yeah, I think there *are* genuine bargains that come up from time to time, and when I have a little more cash spare I may well do a little sideline in snapping up, enjoying for a couple of months and passing on bargains... Sadly not quite in that place at the moment.
  9. Actually, I got the GSXF at enough of a bargain that even if I put $1500 into fixing it up it will still be a decent deal. Wish I'd done the same thing with the damn car, but I way overpaid for that, so even running it's worth *far* less than it owes me. Ah well, live and learn...
  10. Only an email address for a contact.. Thats the second sus part after the price. Next thing will be you deposit the money into my bank and ill ship it down, or where ever.. Bikesales has been warning people of fraudsters. And i would say this is the sought of thing they are refering to.. :evil:
  11. any ad like that with only a yahoo or hotmail email is a scam u see em on ebay all the time, youd think bikesales would filter em.

    but there are bargains out there i just picked up a k5 gsxr750 repairable writeoff from sydney all fixed up and painted black, drove all night friday from melb to go get it and drove home saturday, stripped it down did a full service and everything is sweet as, low kms and ready for rwc and viv inspect, still got the original tyres on it. had spent 8 months on the road build date 09/05 written off 08/06 sold at auction jan this year and only just fixed up..
    all for 5750$ plus 300 fuel to sydney and back
    plus 1000$ for rego n viv
    so saved 3500-4000$
    also scored some ozzy knobs bmc filter rear spools braided goodrich brake lines and bar ends today for 200$ thru aus superbikes classifieds
    now i just need 1000$ for rego for the motogp :)
  12. When I was looking for a second hand bike, I found that people in Forest Lake were either packing up and going back to Melbourne, the bike was for the wife but she never rode it, or the baby's on the way and the bike has gotta go!!!

    It's not that far to go and look, don't leave it too long or you could miss out on a great bargain... and remember the REVS check before you start handing over money.

    Good Luck :)
  13. That's almost exactly what the story was with mine. Bike was for the wife who hurt her back, then while she was lying on it he made the most of it, and next thing the bike had to go :LOL:. Worked great for me - bike only had 1800k's on it :grin:
  14. Nicarus, is your GPX black with green and silver stripes? Did you get it near Browns Plains? Will I kick it when I meet you 'cause you stole it out from under my nose??? Or am I thinking of the one I left too late, cause I was too chicken to make a phone call??? :) :)
  15. Not quite - I got a black ZZR rather than the GPX :p, but I know exactly how you feel with a bike being stolen from under you nose. That happened to me with two different VTR's that I tried to get before settling with the Kawasaki.
  16. Guys

    DO NOT contact the seller of these items or similar! I've been meaning to post regarding this for the past couple of days. There was/is an '05 R1 in the latest motorcycle trader magazine and the same ad also on drive.com.au (since been removed). I was just about starting to think it might be legit when I googled the email address of the "seller" and it came up on an ebay fraud listing website (no surprises there!).

    Initially I conversed with the guy/girl/thief via email and was naturally quite sceptical about the price and the lack of any real location apart from "crated up on an army base in Australia" and the way they dodged some of my questions. What REALLY concerned me was when I asked for VIN #'s and rego details for a revs check, THEY PROVIDED THEM and it all checked out.

    Anyhow, I contacted drive.com.au and they immediately pulled the ad and were very grateful. Motorcycle trader have not replied to my email yet.

    In short guys, these thieves are very clever and will do anything to get either your money or your ebay user ID's. Ive included a link to an interesting short clip about a current motorcycle scam on ebay that is acuatlly quite scary.


    Be well,

  17. i saw a cheap zx9 2001 model on bikesales a couple months ago i contacted the seller thru bikesales

    this is the response i got

    First of all i want to tell you that the bike is still for sale.Title is clean and clear.The bike is in a mint condition,no scratches,never been in any accidents or something like that.I'm selling it because i have some personal problems.Right now i'm in Las Vegas but this is not a problem.The bike is in US at the shipping company ready to be shipped.Also,i want to let you know that the shipping is free.The total price of the bike with shipping included is $4,000.
    The transaction will be through BidPay.(i will provide you all the steps to complete the transaction)
    Please let me know if you are still interested or if you have any other questions.

    my reply to him was Farkin scammer
  18. Here was the inital response that I got:

    Thank you for your interest in my 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1 Limited Edition (RAVEN BLACK) .The bike
    is still for sale.
    The PRICE is AU $5,000.00. The Yamaha is in great condition and was never involved in an
    accident. The motor runs very well. The bike was always garaged. The Yamaha is registered in
    Australia and the title is clear.
    The delivery will take between 5 and 8 working days (with insurance and 15 days return
    If the bike does not matches 100% the description, you will return it in maximum 15 days and
    I will pay for the return shipping fees.
    PAYMENT will be made through eBay so we can be both protected!
    If you agree with my above terms, I'm sure that we can close the deal as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Chris Stoffa

    I agree, Farkin scammer.
  19. The link now points to an ad for a freakin' sweet Hornet that I recommend you buy instead.
  20. Heh: asked for more info and got:

    First of all I want to apologize for the late answer and I want to inform you that the bike is still available. The price for it is $6500. The bike is in perfect condition, it was mostly garage kept and has no mechanical problems, no scratches or dents, no accidents. All services have been made at a Suzuki Service in time.
    The bike is AU model and has a Clear Title which you will receive with the bike. It can be registered on your name without problems.
    Regarding the payment I'm aware of the buyer's protection and I want to use a third party service offered by my shipping company which will hold the payment until you will receive the product.
    I will wait for your email to let me know if you are interested in knowing more details about the purchase. Please reply asap and let me know where are you located to calculate shipping cost.

    Yep, you can pretty much check off every point on your 'how to be a spamming scumbucket' list there... shipping even though it's supposedly about 10 km from my place, money placed with a 'third party' before delivery of the bike, no REVS check until I get the (non-existent) bike... don't ya just hate it when your worst assumptions about buman nature are borne out?