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Too good to be true

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Judge Geoffrey, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Saw this ad:


    and nearly wet myself. Black 06 Blade $16990 on road. Obviously reduced due to 07 models soon to be released. Rang the salesman and he said it was all kosher. An hour later got a call from a different salesman telling me there was a mistake with the ad. It's actually $17490 for a red or silver blade, or $18990 for a black one as they only released 25 in total in Australia.

    Just an hour a go I had visions of riding away on a new 06 black blade for under $17000. Oh well. :(
  2. He tried to tell me what a bargain it was because you get the free Nicky Hayden $750 watch.
  3. Yeah surely they have to live up to their advertised price. Also they have had time to amend their advertised price, so if you go in there with the web page printed out from the same day then surely they can't back out.
  4. Nah, there's plenty of way they could get out of it.
  5. Yep they can just remove it from sale saying it was a mistake. The ACCC is there to provide us with protection from rip offs not honest mistakes.
  6. Matti-san is right - if they make an honest mistake and remove it from sale until they print a retraction then they are not liable and cannot be forced to honour the price. Shame though..........
  7. It can't be enforced because by doing nothing more than reading an advertisement does not enter me into a contract with the seller.

    And yeah, it is a huge shame. *sigh*
  8. What are people's thoughts on paying an extra $1500 for the black?
  9. yep, only "contract" is at the point of sale.
  10. Black is awesome.

    I'd be ringing any Honda dealer near enough and telling them straight: "I'm going to buy a 'Blade. I want a black one. I don't care for you guys figuring we'll pay more for black, so I'm ringing everywhere and the place that does the best price on a black one gets the sale. What's your 'just talked to the boss and he'll let me do this today' price?"

  11. Hi there judge geoffrey. i paid $17900 ride away for my 06 black fireblade.if your ready to buy and put a deposit on one you should be able to bargain with them. im not sure where your located but team moto in queensland was going to ship one to me in sydney for $17500 ride away but i just couldnt wait for it so i bought mine in sydney.oh and i was told there are 40 in aus not 25 but may be im wrong.good luck with it..

  12. Just went and saw my local (Canberra) Honda dealer. He said I can have a black 06 ride away for $17500. He's got 5 in stock. He said it's complete BS that there was only 25 released in Australia and has no idea why Action Parramatta are selling the black for $1500 extra.
  13. Amen. still if you end up having to pay an extra $800 for the black it is up to you but it does look sweet as.
  14. [/quote]

    there selling more expensive because they can. sydney city motorcycles wouldnt sell me one less than $20000 and i told them to stick it.but $17500 is very good price for one of these suckers. they sure are nice looking in black though.
  15. if you can organise your own finance from somewhere, and get CASH money, wave that in their face... i know it's hard to do, but it talks so much better than a peice of paper saying this is what they're geting