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Too good to be true !!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kitt, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. On another forum in far away cyber space I saw an advert for
    an 04 GSXR 1000 , 14500 km's in immaculate condition ..

    me being the sceptic I am :rolleyes: thought NO way could this be right ,
    but If it's the real deal ... I WANT IT ..

    Well needless to say we inspected this fine bit of machinery this afternoon ,
    after a thourough inspection .. every thing was just perfect :D
    she'll be home in our garage this weekend :twisted:

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  2. Nice pickup girl........:)
    Just remember..........When you need tyres, come see me !
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  3. My expectation when I saw the title of this thread was to find a picture of myself. Guess I was mistaken. :D

    Good score. Congrats.

    So what is that now? 97 bikes in the garage and counting?
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  4. So what's next, a matching VMax Kitt?

  5. Hahah, how friggin big is your garage?????

  6. Nice pick up...but yeah...how big is your garage!
  7. Give me the Aprilla
  8. Very nice Kitt. Enjoy!

    Wow, 14500km - did the owner not ride it for years?
  9. damn it... here I am struggling to replace my first LAMS bike with a grown up bike, and you're picking up bike number... what is it? 7?? grrrr... how rude.

  10. Two many cylinders ,not enough CC

    Naaaa , im sure you`ll have fun, the gixxers have always been a shit fun bike to ride.
  11. nice 'another' toy for you? you are spoilt Kitt, but congrats :) I am sure you'll enjoy, will you be showing it on the choccy ride?
  12. Uh uh !!
    She was traded in by an older gentleman who didn't ride very often
    As I said we were very sceptical .. B looked at everything and couldn't fault
    Her .. And as our other girl is getting a bit weary we thought she would appreciate a new friend :)
  13. Good price??

    There has always been something very alluring about the pre k5 mirror indicator gixxers....maybe It's because they were THE bike to own in the early to mid naughty's!
  14. Nice Bike, I saw you doing the deal on the otherisde of cyberspace.

    I think you almost have a bike for everyday of the week now.
  15. Congrats. (y)

    If you need someone to babysit the other bikes, let me know.

    And yeah 7 is a lucky number. :D
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  16. As Eric Bana said when asked how many bikes he owned...

    "One less than too many"

    Congratulations. Good pick up
  17. Yup , I'm spoilt ..I bought our pressie this time :)

    She came home today , rather pleased with how well looked after
    she is .. on an average of less then 1900 kms a year .. she's awesome ..

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  18. Well you're a good little shopper, that little baby looks like it's straight out of the showroom
  19. Im sure you got a great deal mate - there good value as the ugly duckling of the gsxr family. But my god do they rip! And they can look pretty nice with a little TLC too.

    Great find mate
  20. Now that I know you have 7 bike between the pair of you, it doesn't seem so ridiculous me wanting to own three, I'm actually now _inspired_ to own three;
    - an everyday bike (sport/tourer or motard)
    - track-only bike
    - two-stroke dirt bike
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