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too good to be true right

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BiG DaN91, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. either there is a 1 missing off the front or it is a scam.
  2. I have serious doubts that it is legitimate... but give the bloke a call. See if you're happy about the bona fides of the sale.
  3. And as soon as they mention "Third party" or "Overseas" Or "Escrow"
    You'll know that it's a scam.
  4. Worth a phonecall to check it out at least!
  5. There's one born every minute.
  6. Could be a jilted lover getting rid of all the ex's possession's as revenge!!
  7. Suuuure it could.
    Or it could be that the 'seller' is hoping some poor schmuck keeps telling themselves what it 'could be' right up until they're $3600 light and saying "Well how was I supposed to know?"
  8. could be true but also more likely to be a recoverable write off bike.
  9. You'd think they wouldn't make it so freakin' obvious though wouldn't you? At least you'd make it 12G's to inject a hint of realism. The 3G's is only begging to attract suspicion!
  10. Not sure exactly what a good gsxr750 sells for, but even a recoverable write off should sell for 90% of never-damaged model. Depending of course on the extent of the damage and repairs.

    I've seen heavily damaged sports bike (unrecoverable) sell for figures like this at the auctions. The engines and electronics are just worth that much.
  11. FFS theres a number on the add.. ring if your that keen and end the Q's moron!
  12. So Mr ITG...
    Care to share with the class how the OP would then tell the difference between someone telling the truth and someone spinning a convincing story over the phone?

    Because, you know.. you've never asked for other people's opinion about anything you weren't sure about.
  13. so now we know who the "owner" is.
  14. 90% is way too much. Ive seen a 2006 recoverable write off GSXR 1000 go for $3600 with rego, roughly similar price for a 2006 GSXR 600, and even a 2006 Kawa 636 for $3,500 (I dont even know of this bike was written off). I was trying to purchase a 2006 GSR 600 just a couple of weeks ago for $3,700 with rego till next year.......................................

    It depends how much the owner wants to off load it and whether it can still be registered on the road.................................the bikes I listed were all OK to be registered on the road and some with lengthy regos................

    A recoverable write off or a written off bike thats been converted to a track bike sells for $2-3 grands more than a normal road bike. Maybe its because they add the price of converting it to a trackie.....................

    Id be wary of buying an interstate bike though, its best to see the actual bike, inspect it and ride it before buying at prices like these.
  15. I'd assume these hadn't been repaired. The link in the OP claims excellent condition. So if it were a repairable write off it's been bought back to "as worn" condition.

    If the above had were repaired correctly and the frame checked for straightness then they are a bargain.