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Too cold to start bike :-(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Grrrl, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. I wanted to ride to work today, for 2 reasons - firstly, a truck lost it's load just under the Tulla bridge, on Racecourse Road, that's about 200 metres from work, so I figured traffic would be terrible, and secondly it's the only day I can ride to work because we have casual Fridays, so I can get away with the black draggin cargo pants!
    Well, do you think I could get the bike going? nope :( It doesn't like the cold (a bit like me)... I tried for nearly 20 minutes, sometimes it almost sounded good, but no solid rumble. <cries>

    I wonder if it would help if I get an extention cord for my hair dryer LOL

    But seriously, does anyone know what to do?

  2. Need to know the symptoms....

    Is it turning over?

    Is it starting but not idling properly?

    Could be as simple as water in the tank. Solution to that problem - Put Mentholated spirits in the tank
  3. it turns over a little bit SOMETIMES but not much, and not always...

    and it never happens when it's warm
  4. it could be the battery, remember I metioned I jump started it with my car once...

    well that was because last time it did this, I tried to start it so many times over an hour or whatever that the battery started dying... so I jump started it... I've been told that's a bad thing to do though...
  5. it's not due for a service yet, but I had it checked over for the roadworthy when I bought it, a month or so ago...
  6. Yup, batteries are affected by cold. But even so, it should fire up unless something else is wrong.
    Posslbly your charging system is not working properly (regulator?), or maybe it's just time for a new battery if it won't keep its charge. Or even try cleaning the terminals.
  7. Have you tried push/bump starting it? If thats the case it sounds like it is the battery.
  8. You just bought it? Well if you bought it from a shop you can almost guarantee that they put a shagged old battery in it just before you picked it up!
    Also, giving the battery a tap with a hammer will sometimes shakes loose a little bit more juice (I've done this to get home a couple of times).
  9. It was a private sale...

    I might take it back to the bike mech. who checked it over last time, see what he says... after he did whatever he did last time, it was idling too low and kept stalling at the lights and stuff... he fixed that up again... maybe he can fix this problem too...

    I'm not sure about banging the battery with a hammer though... I might hurt it!

    It's a pain taking the seat off... the first time I ruined a few allen keys... it might be easier now that I've loosened it off a bit from the first time I guess...
  10. IANACABM (I am not a crazy a$$ bike mechanic) but I doubt it would be the battery if it is ticking over when you push the ignition button. The battery would be the problem if you press the ignition and nothing at all happens.

  11. Maybe the choke isn't working properly?
    Are you using the choke at all?
  12. Sounds like the battery if this is the case. Batteries, even when dying, still carry a little bit of charge, enough even for the bike to turn over a couple of times before dying.
  13. I meant TAP it, not belt it.
    In any case it's an emergency measure only. doesn't always work and won't fix the problem.
    If you do have to buy a battery, get the best you can afford. There's a HUGE difference in quality and longevity between the good ones and the cheap ones.
  14. ok, I'm finding it hard to articulate exactly what's happening... it makes the right kind of noise when I press the ignition button (at least I think so!) but the engine wont start, it almost makes engine sounds sometimes, but enough oomph the kick right over and start... does that make any sense? or is it clear as mud?
  15. Sounds like it is turning over just fine, but not firing.
    Are you using the choke?
  16. Not firing? It's not an Oozie! :LOL:

    That's probably what I mean - Exactly!
    You guys and your fancy terminology!

    I tried using the choke and no throttle, I tried using no choke and some throttle, and in desparation I tried a little bit of both although in the manual it says not to do that...
  17. Check your spark plugs.
  18. hey grrl, exactly whats been happening to me the last 2 weeks, although my bikes been sitting in the cold for 5 weeks without starting it.

    i changed the battery with a new and it started in the afternoon, but for the last week i havnt been able to start it in the morning, or the afternoon ( its been cold and wet as well)

    but it started this morning after it had been on trickle charge overnight, i also got it statrting last night, ive put too much oil in it and i thoguht thats the problem, because i can smell it and it runs a bit bubbly i suppose.
  19. it's a biatch huh!
  20. Is it blowing white smoke Cosi? White smoke = too much oil, black smoke = not enough (general rule)