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Too cold for people this morning in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Bungle, May 22, 2008.

  1. On my 45km ride to work I only saw 2 bikes. Usually see heaps more. Must be a bit cold for some - was down to 0C when I left this morning in Scoresby.

    Now i'm off to defrost my fingers.
  2. those heated grips i fitted last saturday are great!! :grin:
    i didn't see many but this time i left alot eariler for work then usual. And i ride alot shorter distance, 10-15 minutes in total.
  3. actually i only normally pass 1 bike going the opposite way during my morning commute, but today i passed 2 others bikes and 1 scooter going the same direction...wonder whether the fuel prices are starting to hurt....or is it actually a saturday (when i think it's a thursday) and people and heading off for a ride :? :LOL:
  4. I left home at 5:30am for Tulla via westgate and the Ring road for my 52k ride to work. Was kinda chilly and the fingers went numb with the mid weight winter gloves on. Saw 2 bikes going my way on the ring road, 1 passed me doing probably 180kph+. Guess he was in a hurry to get to work to warm up!

    Logged onto the BOM to check the temps and 2c at home and 3.5c at Tulla. No wonder my fingers nearly froze!

    Time to get the heated handgrips methinks.

    Otherwise, was fairly warm. Another layer would have helped, but since this is my first winter of riding, I'm still learning whats needed to be best protected from the cold.
  5. you know what.. fuel prices are rediculous.. i had to put fuel in the WRX last night, as it was bone empty and i dont fancy pushing it, fuel prices for 98RON was $1.75 a litre. cold or not, ill be back on the bike soon, bad knee or not.
  6. Silly question but if you're riding why don't you use City Link to get to Tullamarine and dodge the traffic on the Ring Road, especially as bikes don't have to pay a toll on City Link (yet) ??
  7. I'm also noticing fewer bikes on the way to work.
    Wore latex gloves under my thermal liner then my winter gloves .. after 15 min my fingers were still getting numb. I really gotta take a look at some heated grips.
  8. I saw 2 bikes this morning, a yellow naked sports something headed opposite direction, and a black honda 919 / 954 maybe flying between cars... was bloody cold... but the old GPX got me here safe and sound :)
  9. tbh it was cold enough at 2am. Because of work, and the baby I often do my recreational riding late at night(good coffee at Williamstown at 10:30 pm). It was all good till about 1am out near Deer Park, when it got really cold really quick.

    I had frosty fingers and was telling myself that Heated grips might be next job after oggy nobs.
  10. On a similar topic... what DO you wear to stay warm on such cold mornings? It was 3 degrees on way home last night, 0 on way in this morning (tassie). My main concern is pants, the textile jacket keeps me pretty warm, gloves are OK and neck warmer helps, but my legs are only covered by my work pants and they just dont cut it!
  11. Pfft. You young folk today!
    When I was a lad I'd ride 30+km to work, with an old pair of winter grade woolen lined leather gloves (no synthetics then), and spend 15mins wincing as the circulation returned!

  12. Ah man - i'd rather be cold on the bike or hot hot hot...
    There were WAY less bikes heading into the City on the geelong hwy today.
    I noticed a bike riding in the emergency lane and though... interesting tactic...
    I'm gonna get me some of those heated gripps! I was trying to blow into my fingers when i stopped only to realise... i had a helmet on
    (not my finest hour)...
  13. Well there's your problem...in more ways than one! I hope they are kevlar lined :shock:

    I too have noticed a big drop in bike numbers. At times there's four or five of us at the head of the traffic lights in summer. Today, I only noticed one other bike and one scooter.

    My fingers got that really hot feeling when I got indoors oooh :mad: But everything else was okay - I wear a bazzillion layers...biggest problem was getting out of bed :LOL:
  14. I saw about 4 bikes on my journey to work today. I thought it was quite pretty this morning. I go down a oak lined street (which was orange/red due to autumn), and the fog coming through very very pretty
  15. Yeah I'd have to agree. I ride from the south east down to the city via the Monash and normaly see heaps of bikes at least 5-8...saw 1 this morning.

    And hell yeah..it was freezing. I have never been that cold riding in. I ride in a synthetic jacket with the thermal and water liner on, and textile pants with thermal and water liner in them. Keeps me ultra warm..but my hands......they were completley frozen.

    It was so cold, when I was breathing in my helmet fog was coming out LoL....IN MY HELMET!!! hehe

    Also...There are more trucks than ever on the monash now..and they occupy every lane..its really starting to get to me.
  16. I'veI've noticed less bikes on the Monash in the mornings. There used to be a train of 3 or 4 of us splitting but now it's just me and a random bike here and there.

    HORDO - Cold mornings I'll wear a pair of thermal pants under my draggins, plus a thermal top under layer upon layer or jumpers - plus my heated vest, which is turned on if I remembered to charge the battery the night before.

    I've got heated grips and have them on highest setting but I've got a good pair of winter gloves as well..both these make a huge difference to not having heated grips/good gloves...my hands are still cold after I get to Tooradin (50mins ride away) for my coffee break, but from Tooradin to Prahran I'm riding at a slower speed and usually need to turn the heated grips down or off for this stretch.
  17. Winter pants- Check
    Winter jacket-Sort of check my Midweight jacket and jumper do fine
    Winter gloves-check
    Helmet sitting on heater duct for 5 minutes-check
    Get dressed completely apart from helmet
    Start bike go inside to retrieve helmet and gloves pull nech sock over nose to help prevent dripping and keep everything warm -check

    Ride to work when it's 3 degree outside fine
    apart from a very small gap where I forgot to tuck in my jeans into my boots that pert of me got very cold!.
    Heating the helmet on the duct helps prevent fogging for at least 10-15 minutes till I am well and truly on the freeway and moving.
  18. hey oohsam - what time are you normally on the Monash? What do you ride - ah der, just checked your profile... Will keep an eye out for you :)

    Sounds like you're warm enough apart from the hands. Heated grips will sort that out for you - definitely worth getting some. ;)

    And +1 on the trucks in every lane.
  19. I had no problems with the weather… My bike was b!tching about it though. The service I had done has been pretty crappy, and it really doesn’t like the cold at the moment.
    As for other bikes… Prety normal numbers along my trip
  20. haha...
    I ride a black hyosung. No stickers what so ever, and a screamon demaon exhaust witha black and white kbc helmet...white Sidi boots...

    Do you have long hair? I think I may have seen you this morn. I still have my "L" plates on, but Im goin for my p's soon so they should be off shortly.