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Too big for a scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by duke82, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm hoping to buy a scooter within the next few months. I don't want to get my motorbike license, so 50cc ones are my only option.

    I'm interested in the Bolwell Red Devil and was told the maximum rider weight is 150kg, and you should still be able to get up 60kmph, but it will just take longer.

    Obviously salesmen are basically are going to say anything in order to get a sale, so I thought I would ask elsewhere.

    I'm 6'3 @ 120kg at the moment, (aiming to be 100kg within 4 months). Is this too big for a 50cc scooter?

    Thanks :grin:
  2. Hi and welcome to NR..

    I would say you are too big for a 50cc scoot mate..

    You will need to be looking at the bigger scooters for sure..

    The LeGrande or HD200 will do the job for you .. :grin:
  3. +1. 200cc+ is your minimum.

    Assuming you have never ridden a bike/scoot....

    PLEASE, do obtain a bike licence and attend a course at least.

    It's a different ball game riding a scoot/bike

    Invest $$$ in the right GEAR, a good helmet, padded jacket, gloves, kevlar jeans/ and possibly boots.

    I commute every day on a scoot (600cc) but wear the same gear as on the M109R
  4. Most definitely. What speeds do you want to go at? If you want to be able to go at 80 comfortably I'd be getting 200cc. If a comfortable 60 is enough I wouldn't be below 150.

    I'd go sit on a 150, 200 and 250 scoot and see how they 'fit' on you. Probably better off with a 250cc bike so you can use the gears to your advantage. Goo luck
  5. I'm a bat fastard... I have ridden 50cc scooters at times and they struggled to get to 60k with me on them and died on the hills.

    These same scooters were happy to run up to 70 with skinny buggers on them and held their speed ok up the hills to (unlike with me).

    The Honda Lead 100 which I've also ridden is happy enough to sit on 60kph with me on it though (although still no good for 80kph zones).
  6. hey guys

    i used to have a honda today50

    im somewhere btw 58-60kg and i tell you now the fastest it ever went was 55km/h, or 58 down a hill. that was top speed.

    u will need something way bigger man, or do it up, change the gears etc
  7. or get a 50cc and mod it,
    i have a honda today 50, now does 90km downhill and 75-80 on the flats without a problem, have a mate that is 105kg and has no problem on flats, going up large hill knocks him down to 50...
    but it really a 94cc with mods...
  8. :p :p :p

    I love it that we are now boasting about how fast our bikes can go down hill. Thats gold.

    Sorry, I dont have anything useful to ad to this discussion, so please ignore me.
  9. My Hyosung sb does 30km/h with my 90kgr going up a 30-40%
    and about 110 dB :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Mhmmm, and for the cost and hassle of the mods, you could just get a 150 for the same price, and it'll be nicer to ride and ALOT more reliable, with more kms before rebuild.
  11. i've heard about people doing this.

    you honestly think its worth it man?
  12. A Honda Today 50cc is $1999 and a Honda Lead 100cc is $2499.

    Taking a 50cc to 94cc will cost at least $500, and reduce the reliability below both the stock scooters.

    No... it doesn't make sense, and the only possible reason to do it is if one is trying to fool the police/RTA into thinking you are still riding a 50cc.
  13. Try reading my post..

    Modding a 50cc scooter for non bling reasons is plain inefficient and stupid imo..
  14. sorry...had to b the only no vote...but yes you are..good luck with the weight loss
  15. honda leads are slow as, they are easy to beat.....
  16. I drive a bolwell red devil (but she is blue ). I am 6ft3 and 60kg and it still is a little slow on acceleration. I think a bigger scooter would be better for you because I personaly think I would feel safer with a little more acceleration incase I need to move out of the way of something or to overtake... :)

    Just my thoughts.
  17. I think 50cc is too small for any one. It could get embarrassing if you have to push it up a hill! Also I think even if you get a 50cc get some training and wear the right gear. Even a 50cc is a vehicle and on the roads there are dills and an accident can kill or maim even if you are on a 50cc or even a pocket bike. It's not always the speed you are doing that kills or the size of your machine.
  18. I'm in Vic so I had no choice when it came to getting a license or sticking with a 50cc on a car license.. I did a 3 day riding course and got my full motorbike learners (on a motorbike, even tho my intention all along was to get a scoot).

    Was great fun doing the course and I learnt a LOT from it. Don't be stressed about getting a motorbike license- in Vic anyway, you can get it doing the test on a scooter. However it's good to know how to use the gears of a bike anyway. My sister did the course with me and she's never driven a manual car in her life, let alone a motorbike. Yet she got the hang of the clutch and gears very quickly and passed first go with me!

    So go for it - get your license and get a bigger scoot. I got a Scarabeo 250ie last friday and even tho its still not run in properly, it cruises to 60 effortlessly. Personally I'd rather have the extra power rather than ride with a fully open throttle all the way home every day! You'll enjoy it much more :)
  19. are you a bloke? if so any scooter is too small :biker: :p

    id say 200+ like the rest

    i guess the logic behind modding a 50cc would be that no-one would ever know it was more than a 50 so you could get away with no licence...stupid as it is
  20. I'd say 50cc is too small for almost anyone. My husband has Scarabeo 500 and his brother who is very large, rode (and loved!) it while visiting this week. Not cheap though, unfortunately.

    I have a 200cc (I'm not large!) but I wouldn't consider riding anything smaller, just because I know I have the acceleration to get me out of trouble and because I would be no good pushing anything uphill.

    And please, don't get anything without doing a proper riding course. You really need to know what you are doing on two wheels.